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Prophesy (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

[Person Pastor Mike's praying for] Yeah!

[Pastor Mike] Wonderful, that's great. Okay, so we're all ready to go. Can I take your hand? Okay, so it's not necessary to do this, but it can create a sense of connection, so it can be quite a positive thing to do this. It's helpful if you ask the person's permission. It just respects them, and some may not want you to do that, so it's helpful to show respect for a person when you minister to them, by not trying to do something that they don't want you to do. Okay, so I've been at meetings, had a word to someone, and they didn't want to come up. So I said do you mind if I come to you? I went down and then didn't touch them, just shared what I felt God giving me, so it didn't highlight or make it too embarrassing, you've got to respect people's dignity. Alright, so we begin to pray in tongues. [Prays in tongues] So I'm just reaching out, I'm just reaching in my spirit, focussing my attention for God to give me a thought. Now it's up to Him what kind of thought He gives. One of the things that we could start - since all of you are Christians, one place that you can start practising in this, is looking for a thought from the Bible, just a story from the Bible, a person from the Bible, some act, a thing that happened in the Bible.

Is it Old Testament or New? Just reach out, and if you've read your Bible, God's able to drop many things into your heart, so what I'll look for is a person or a situation in the Bible. Then I'll say well, in what way does that relate to her? What aspect of that do You want me to bring out? Okay, so we'll just see what happens. So of course there's that initial tense thing; oh God, I haven't got anything, what do I do? So you've got to overcome all of that. [Laughter] Remember, that's normal so just stay relaxed, just breathe gently and relax. Thank You Holy Ghost. Thank You Lord that You love her, You know all about her. I thank You Lord, You have something to inspire and to encourage her with, something Lord that You just want to speak into her life. Thank You Lord.

Now immediately I saw, or it came to mind, a story in the Bible, so I need to now just focus on that story. I just saw a picture, and I saw a picture of two men, and Jesus with them, and they're on the road to Ammaus. I knew exactly it was the story of the two on the road to Ammaus. That's all I got, a path, two people, and Jesus with them, and I knew immediately it's the road to Ammaus. Now what possible way could I share that with her? I could just share it like I've done that. I want to now minister, so this is what I will do now. I will just close my eyes and just go back, just become aware of God again, and aware of that story. Now what aspect of that story, so I just look at the story and then I can see it, so now I'll just begin to share. So while I was praying with you I sensed - I'm not saying 'God told Me'. I just felt while I was praying, this is what I felt. I saw a picture of the disciples on the road to Ammaus, and Jesus was with them, but they were unaware He was with them. They were so caught up in their own issues, and their own disappointments, and their own struggles and problems, and He was right there alongside them, walking with them, and they didn't even realise that their eyes were closed to Him being with them.

This is like you in your journey at this point, that you're so caught up in the things that are happening in your own life, that you're not realising God is with you. He's been walking with you quite a long way. He's with you. He cares about you, and His plan when He talked with those disciples, was to turn them around and get them filled with vision and direction and fresh passion, so He walked with them. He let them share their heart, their struggles and their pains. He fellowshipped them, and then He began to put faith into their heart again, began to put vision into their heart, and they realised it was Him. They were restored and went back to their whole faith journey again. What I see is God's doing this in your life. You've been walking with the Lord, but you haven't felt Him. You're caught up in the things that are going on in your life, and can't see that He's with you and loves you, that He's with you and He's wanting to help you engage your heart, like He got them to engage their heart. He was quite happy for them to share their disappointments, and as they did that, He then put faith in their heart again. That's what God's doing with your life right now, and the journey was an uncomfortable one for them, because all they could see was disappointment, but they ended up seeing Him, and being passionate again, and that's what's happening in your life. You're on that phase of the journey at the moment. But there's a great end in that story. [Laughs] There we are. Now how did that go? Does that sound like you?