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Prophesy (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

I thank You Lord, You're going to help her to enlarge in her spiritual capacity to minister to people. I pray Lord that Your Almighty power would come around her life today, filling her to do that work in Jesus' Mighty name. Thank You Lord. Holy Spirit, come over her now. Amen.

Alright, now - so the word I got was Passion. Now I had no idea what that referred to. It could refer to lots of things, but what I felt as I said it, it referred to a passion for people, and a great desire to reach out to people, and see people saved. Would that be right?

[Person Pastor Mike prayed for] Bingo. [Laughter]

[Pastor Mike] ...and I also felt, so as I was praying I'm also listening to what's coming out, because it's a flow from the spirit, not from my head, so my head can just be quiet and listen to what's being said. As I'm listening I get to know her, and as I was praying I could feel this passion for the lost, a desire to be able to reach them, a desire to be able to bring the power of God to them, to touch them. That's what I could feel was there and God wanting to do that through you. Amen.

[Person Pastor Mike prayed for] Amen.

[Pastor Mike] Awesome. Okay, well there we go, so praise the Lord. Give her a clap. [Applause] Right, now it's your turn, it's your turn, so remember, this is just a practice. It's very important just to ask the person: can I practice on you? The person - give a very positive response - yes, do your best, see? That's it. It's nice to be encouraged. It's good to have an environment which is easier to learn and practice in, but after that we can go into any environment and do it. So then take their hand, quietly pray in the spirit, if you can pray in the spirit. If you can't, just reach out and meditate on the Lord, asking Him to give you something. Now that's the point, if you're going to go through turmoil, you'll be feeling the turmoil. Calm yourself. This is not a win/lose. This is not right/wrong. This is just we try to ride the bike [laughter] okay? I'm behind holding on a little bit to give you a bit of guidance to make sure you don't get too many wobbles and fall off.

So what you would do, if you feel tension rising, you are centring your attention on performing to make something happen. It will only get worse if you keep in that frame of thinking. Just shut that thinking down, and just begin to meditate. Just allow yourself to see, the Lord Jesus, You're there, You're my friend and source. Focus on the source, not the problem or the fear. Focus on the source, see and as you focus on the source, just relax beforehand. Just a firm thank You Lord, You love her. You love her. You're just so glad to work through me, so I just wait on You. Maybe You will speak to me. That's the language you use in your head. It's an affirming faith kind of language. If you allow your mind to drift, and go on and think you're having to get something, immediately you'll disconnect from the Lord and shut down with anxiety and fear and tension. Then the more you focus on that, the harder it gets, then you'll just try and make something up to get the heat off, and think I wonder if I can slip away at morning tea time. [Laughter]

[Female participant 1] [unclear] [Laughter]

[Pastor Mike] The doors are locked. [Laughter] So there's no way you can explore flowing with the Holy Spirit unless you do something, so these exercises are to get you doing something to explore what it feels like, and it'll feel great, and there's also some turmoils around it. It's all part of the journey of working with the Holy Spirit. The turmoils are inner and outer conflicts. The joy is when the spirit of God flows through you and you see the person - you open your eyes up to what you thought was just you, and there's tears coming down, and God has touched them - and you thought it was just you. Remember, it will be your thoughts in your head, and it'll be your voice. It'll feel just like you because it's God working through you now. So you wait for a picture, thought, impression, and then just turn it into a prayer. Start generally, and then pray. Let's do it. We can do that, and then we'll graduate, and we'll do something just another level up after you've done that, okay? Last night everyone did it okay, so come on, you can do this. You know you can do it. Find someone, break into a pair, and then stand up wherever you'd like to. Let's do it.