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Wise Words (10 of 12)

Mike Connell

Okay, let's have a look in Jeremiah, Chapter 1 and I'm just going to read several verses. We'll pick it up at Verse 5. The word of the Lord came to me saying - now this is the word of God coming to Jeremiah. He says before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I sanctified you, and set you apart to be a prophet to the nations. Then said I, ah, Lord God, behold, I cannot speak. I'm but a youth, and the Lord said to me, do not say I'm a youth, for you shall go to all whom I send you. Whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of their faces, for I am with you to deliver you, said the Lord. Then the Lord put forth His hand and He touched my mouth, so he had an encounter, an experience with God - and the Lord said to me, behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, or get the vision, or begin to picture this, I have this day, set you over nations and over kingdoms, to root out and pull down, to destroy and throw down, to build and to plant. And then the word of the Lord came to me saying Jeremiah, what do you see? And I said I see the branch of an almond tree. And the Lord said to me, you have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word, or I am watching over My word, to make sure it comes to pass. How about that?

So God had a purpose. Very clearly in here, we see that God had a purpose and a destiny for Jeremiah. God's plan for him was more than just having a relationship with God. God wanted Jeremiah to be a representative of Him, and to bring about some changes, so I want you to see what God says to him. Very, very clearly, he says the Lord touched my mouth. He said behold, I have put My words in your mouth. So God had an assignment for him. The assignment that Jeremiah had was this: his assignment was to change the order in the known world. You think how on earth could you do that? His nation had been defeated, the nation were in sin and about to be overrun by the Babylonians. The nation was about to be supplanted and brought into captivity. All kinds of things were about to happen. The world that they knew it was in turmoil, and in the middle of it God said, I have ordained you. Before this time even began, before any of this stuff happened, I already had someone I was preparing to go into it and to change it. So He's saying Jeremiah, before you were born, before your parents thought of you, I had already prepared for you to be My spokesman, to go into this world situation, and to begin to speak My words into it. I will watch over the words that I've given you, and I'll make sure they come about.

When you read in the Book of Jeremiah, you find he prophesied destinies over nations, and every one of those destinies, destination was formed. If you have a look now, he began to speak that the nations which prospered, he said some of them will be so broken down, there'll be no evidence left that they were there, and you start to look at the various nations he prophesied over, or spoke God's word over, and every one of them, it was done to them exactly according to what God said through the prophet.

In other words, he spoke God's word, and began to declare how the world around him would become. God worked with him, and changed the world around him, and it became exactly what Jeremiah had said. Its powerful stuff isn't it. So of course what happens when we hear that is we - oh, that's Jeremiah. I'm only me. Now I want you to have a look at this, because Jeremiah had the same issues we have, so Jeremiah has an assignment, speak the word of God, so God has now got a basis, he's got a man on earth who agrees with Him about how this will be. Now He's able to move, and begin to create it, so God began to speak the overthrow of Jerusalem, and what would happen to it. He prophesied through Jeremiah the destiny. He prophesied what would happen to the army, how it would take it over. He prophesied about what the people would do, and how that would work out. He then prophesied about a restoration, and every one of those things historically happened. He literally shaped the known world, by the power of speaking God's words. It's a powerful thing to recognise, you can shape your world by getting a hold, or getting connected with God, and as He begins to put His words in your heart, and you begin to get the word of God in your heart, and speak it out, you begin to shape the world around you.