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Wise Words (10 of 12)

Mike Connell

So what the majority of Christians do is, well I come to church once a week, maybe twice and I go to cell group, and I love Jesus - and that's it. But they don't seem to move and understand, you're an ambassador, called to shape your world with God's words. That's what we're called to do, to shape the worlds around us, and so we need to consider that.

There's always three factors take place. There's always three factors in it: number one, the Holy Spirit. We have to have the power of the Holy Spirit operating around our life. Without the spirit of God nothing happens, so you can teach a parrot to say the word of God, but it doesn't make any difference to the parrot, and it doesn't make any difference to anything around him, except tick everyone off, see. But you see when the spirit of God is moving in a human being, a spirit being has the word of God in their heart and they speak it, then things begin to happen. That's how people get healed. Someone with faith in their heart, and the Holy Ghost moving over that person, they speak the word of God, and the person gets healed, and a miracle takes place. That's how Jesus did all His miracles, and you find always with all of Jesus' miracles ,the spirit of God was present, and operative, and He was connected to the spirit of God. There was faith in the heart, and there was a word of God spoken. That's how it happens every time. You have a look at all the miracles. You'll find the spirit of God was there, the anointing of God was there present, the word of God was spoken, there was faith and expectation, and it released the power of God. Now nothing has changed. That's how power is released.

So I've got to learn well, how can I build my faith? How can I learn how to go about doing this? Alright then, so lets look at those areas now. Now you understand in Ephesians 5:1 it says we're to be imitators of God, so if God's shaped things by speaking the word, we've got to shape things by speaking the word too, got to learn to shape things by speaking the word, speaking God's word over our life, over our circumstances. Now there are four areas. I'll break them up into two things. Firstly, shape your inner world. The first thing to shape is your inner world. Then shape your outer world. Shape your inner world, then shape your outer world. That word shape means literally to form it, to bring it together, construct your inner world with the word of God, construct your inner world, meaning constructing your thoughts, constructing your ideas, your dreams, desires, the way you approach life with the word of God.

If God says in his word, that you can do all things that He calls you to do, you can do all things, but you see a negative mindset, a negative frame of thinking, will cause you to think I can't. I can't! I've never done that before, I can't do that! See? In other words, the prevailing or ruling thought is something quite different, and until you reconstruct your inner world with the word of God, nothing outside you changes. In Proverbs 23:7 I think it says, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. So I have to learn, we're going to show you how to do this, how to begin to construct your inner world with the word of God, because if we don't do that, we don't have really much to offer people.

If you haven't built something on the inside, then you haven't actually really been able to develop inside you what you need, to be an answer to a dying world. We need more than just come to Jesus, and she'll be right. We need to come to Jesus, and the Bible tells us God's plan, we grow to become more like Him, in other words our internal world of values and attitudes and thoughts begins to change, so God wants us to change on the inside. Let me give you an example of it, of shaping your inner world. It's interesting, the first thing that happened when the Holy Ghost came on people, the first thing that happened, was they began to speak in tongues, and the Bible tells you what the purpose of speaking in tongues is for. It's to build up your spirit man. Isn't that amazing, so the first expression after they got filled with the Holy Ghost, was to build themselves up on the inside. Isn't that amazing?