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Wise Words (10 of 12)

Mike Connell

Okay then, don't just rearrange the furniture on the Titanic. It'll still go down, okay so [laughs] don't just shift a couple of little things. Change it on the inside! Patch the cracks, or take the word of God and break your agreements with demons! And break your agreements with negativity! And break the agreements you have with limiting mindsets, and begin to let God's word be over your life! Oh yeah, that'll shift you. That'll be a change won't it.

Okay, here's the three other areas on the outer world to shift, and not necessarily in order of importance, but all of them are needed, and I think it's in this sequence. Things to shape in your outer world - number one is to shape your spiritual atmosphere. I'll explain that a little bit more fully in another session, but one area that we need to shape is the spiritual atmosphere around us, because miracles always work when we're living and abiding and flowing in the presence of the Holy Spirit, so if you're living under depression or living with negative atmosphere, or the people around you are overwhelming you with negative atmosphere, you've got to do something about that. You have to shift the prevailing spiritual atmosphere. If you shift that first, again you'll start to see, shift the invisible before you see the visible change, see? You've got to shift the - there's a priority in this, so first we shifted what's invisible, what's inside us, so what's outside us can change. Then if you want to change what's outside, first shift the spirit world. It's not very hard to do it, real easy once you know what to do. I'm going to show you what to do in coming days.

So shift your spiritual atmosphere. You can shape spiritual atmosphere very, very - the Bible tells you how to do it, very, very simple. You can either listen, and meditate, and dwell, on negative things, or you can begin to develop a life of praise and gratitude, and thankfulness, and positive - you just begin to do that. The Bible says God will inhabit the praises of His people, so this is how David said it. I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make a boast in the Lord, the humble shall hear and be glad. Oh, magnify the Lord with me! He got a good spiritual atmosphere around him hasn't he? See, he built a spiritual atmosphere. Your spiritual atmosphere is created by what's in your heart finding expression outside you. Now I know what's outside you. The devil's outside you, wants to depress you, make you flat, wants to make you boring, wants to make you depressed, wants to make you passive. God's inside us saying there's a lion in here - let me out! See? And I can see it when it comes to worship time.

Some people haven't understood you've got to use your voice! You've got to use your VOICE! HOW TO USE YOUR VOICE! The Bible says even God says come to Me with words. You've got to actually have words. Oh, I just - oh. No, no, no, nothing like that. No, we need to come to Him with words. The second thing is, shape your relationships. Your relationship can be shaped by declaring the word of God over them, and then speaking into them, so you shape it two ways; one, you begin to first of all speak it over it, you begin to make declarations, a declaration, a statement about what is, strong declarations, see? You begin to declare God's promises, God's word, over your marriage, over your family, over your relationships and what it does is it begins to create the atmosphere within which those relationships change. Then you've got to learn to speak into the relationships, so first speak over them, then speak into them.

You find the biggest problem in relationships is, people either not speak into them, or they're saying the wrong things, and all you've got to do to change it is begin to start to speak over them differently, so you begin to shape the atmosphere over the relationships, then speak into them. Speak words that bless, words that build, words that encourage, words that lift up, words that impart value, words that impart destiny, words that put boundaries, words that confront. You've got to speak into it, as well as speaking over it. The first place again as you see is to speak over it, and finally the last place you need to speak into is your metron, or your sphere of responsibility, your metron, or sphere of responsibility. Whatever God has given you as your area of responsibility, that's the area you've got to shape with the word of God, see? So if you are the boss of a work, or run a business, then we need to learn to shape the business, not just with business principles, but by getting the word of God and speaking God's word over that business, and beginning to allow my heart to dwell on what God says about my business, then aligning the business according to how God wants me to run it. It may be different to how I'm currently running it, and then the difficulty will be, will I be in agreement with my ideas, or will I agree with God's ideas on how to make it work? It's quite a challenge isn't it aye? For many people, if money rules you, you'll be afraid to let God's word have the directive into shaping your business. You'll let the money shape the business. Now I better unpack that just a little.