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Wise Words (10 of 12)

Mike Connell

I'll show you, there's several areas that you need to shape, and then in later sessions we'll share with you exactly how you go about the shaping process, shaping the world around you by the word of God. Very, very powerful. Notice this, what happens in there. Notice the impact of the word of God. We see several things happen. The first thing you see is, he said Verse 10, see, I have set you over the nations, and over kingdoms. So God positions him in a place of spiritual authority, and He defines what that area is. We'll come back to this a little later - so God has connected with Jeremiah. There's a relationship. He begins to explain what his destiny is. He explains what he's going to do: he's going to speak the words of God, and He says now I have positioned you. Now where has He positioned you? In the spirit He has positioned him over the kingdoms and the nations, so you see a natural king, you see natural armies, you see natural - well you see all these things He said, but spiritually I have positioned you over it, and when you speak these words, the natural will change.

Now it didn't all change straight away. He went through a lot of difficulties, a lot of hardships, but nevertheless everything he prophesied came about, so in spite of what it looked like naturally, in spite of the fact at one stage he's in a dungeon, and looks like he's going to die, and be swallowed up in the mud at the bottom of a well, nevertheless he came out, and nevertheless everything he said worked out. Nevertheless, he got favour with the enemies, and in the end he was blessed. Everything he said came about, so we see here God positioned him. Now you have to understand this. When you got born again and joined to Jesus Christ, you are positioned with Him in a place of spiritual authority and God wants you also to speak words from that place that will shape the world around you. Think about that.

Now either you're going to go in and act like a victim in the world, or you'll act like an ambassador of God, and begin to shape the world around you. See Jesus never came into the world with any expectations the world would do Him some favours. He came in with an expectation as God's ambassador, He could change the world. Now did He change all of the world? No, He didn't. He changed a group of people, in one place, at one time, because that was His assignment. You also have an assignment. Only God can give you that assignment, and your assignment is to represent God and then to bring His words into that situation, to shape it as God wants it to be. The problem is the church has thought that the church was the kingdom, and has then become very church-centred instead of understanding God wants to invade the world. He invades the world by working in you, making you joined to Him, giving you a position of authority in the spirit, which grows as you walk with Him, and then beginning to get you to speak His words, and begin to release His life into wherever you are. What an exciting thing to do.

Okay then, let's just move on. So you notice what he's called to do with the words of God, just so you understand, He said what you're going to do is root out and pull down, destroy and throw down, build and plant. So notice he's got two things to do. The first lot of things have to do with rooting out things which are established. In other words He says, the words that I give you, one of the first functions they have is to root out imbedded spiritual powers, to root them out, dismantle them and stop them operating, see? So the first use of those words that God gives him is to confront demonic powers, which are creating situations in the world that are not according to the will of God. Second thing is that you'll speak words that will build and plant, and so when God draws you into relationship with Christ, He positions you as an ambassador. Now if you get the word of God in your heart, and learn what to do, and how to speak it, then you will do these things. You will begin to root out demon spirits. You'll root out things which are contrary to what God wants. You begin to sow in, and plant in, and then you begin to see things around you change.