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Download AudioTime To Get Passionate For God Again Mike Connell 3-Jul-16
Download AudioGods Gift Within You Dave Connell 29-May-16
Download AudioGod Of Breakthrough Dave Connell 1-May-16
Download AudioThe God Of Breakthrough Kate Connell 4-Oct-15
Download AudioSlave Or Son Of God Koebi Hart 26-Jul-15
Download AudioPerfect Love - The Grace Of God Mike Connell 31-May-15
Download AudioCultivating The Presence Of God Mike Connell 26-Apr-15
Download AudioEmbrace Your Assignment God Has Given You Mike Connell 22-Mar-15
Download AudioFaith To Grow - Let God Stretch You Dave Connell 15-Mar-15
Download AudioFaith To Grow - Let God Stretch You Dave Connell 15-Mar-15
Download AudioPressing Into God Ayo Oyawale 22-Feb-15
Download AudioFaith To Grow - Building An Atmosphere For God ... Mike Connell 1-Feb-15
Download AudioGods Plan Is The Same Every Year Horowai E... 4-Jan-15
Download AudioPriesthood Of Believers - Carrying The Presence... Mike Connell 16-Nov-14
Download AudioFaith Activates Gods Power Dave Connell 31-Aug-14
Download AudioWe are on a Journey with God Dave Connell 20-Jul-14
Download AudioGod of Breakthrough Dave Connell 4-May-14
Download AudioGrace Of God Dave Connell 20-Apr-14
Download AudioOur Perspective vs Gods Perspective Dustin Smith 16-Feb-14
Download AudioThe Works of God Dave Connell 9-Feb-14
Download AudioThe God of TurnArounds Mike Connell 29-Dec-13
Download AudioLiving with Gods Perspective Mike Connell 15-Dec-13
Download AudioWhen God does a New Thing Brother G... 17-Nov-13
Download AudioSpeak the Word of God Mike Connell 22-Sep-13
Download AudioInner Connection with God Vaughan W... 7-Jul-13
Download AudioOccupying the Promises of God Vaughan W... 7-Apr-13
Download AudioThe Power of Gods Word Mike Connell 24-Mar-13
Download AudioFrame your World by the Word of God Mike Connell 6-Jan-13
Download AudioWhen God Seems Silent (5 of 6) Mike Connell 2-Dec-12
Download AudioHearing the Voice of God (4 of 6) Mike Connell 25-Nov-12
Download AudioHearing the Voice of God (3 of 6) Mike Connell 25-Nov-12
Download AudioGod First, Everything Else Second Vaughan W... 18-Nov-12
Download AudioWalking in the reality that God is with us Vaughan W... 19-Aug-12
Download AudioPut God First (2 of 4) Mike Connell 19-Aug-12
Download AudioA Loving God, reaching out to the lost through us Vaughan W... 22-Jul-12
Download AudioGifts of the Spirit / Hearing From God (1 of 5) Mike Connell 17-Jul-12
Download AudioGods Heart for the Lost Brydon Ni... 15-Jul-12
Download AudioGods Word Works In You (2 of 2) Mike Connell 15-Jul-12
Download AudioDoing the Works of God Mike Connell 11-Jun-12
Download AudioGod Knows Horowai E... 20-Nov-11
Download AudioGod Desires Intimacy Vaughan W... 16-Oct-11
Download AudioTrusting God in all Circumstances Suz Hall 25-Sep-11
Download AudioThe Holy Spirit & the Will of God (7 of 7) Mike Connell 11-Sep-11
Download AudioDesires & the Will of God (3 of 7) Mike Connell 10-Jul-11
Download AudioTrusting God Barry Ward 12-Jun-11
Download AudioFaith towards God (2 of 7) Mike Connell 20-Feb-11
Download AudioDesperate for God Roger Sales 23-Jan-11
Download AudioGod of Glory Brent Dou... 28-Nov-10
Download AudioWho is Your God Kate Connell 31-Oct-10
Download AudioTrusting God Scott Cowan 29-Aug-10
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