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Download AudioDeliverance and the Kingdom of God 61.9Mb Mike Connell 22-May-23
Download AudioThe Wrath of God 99.5Mb Shane Wil... 24-Jul-21
Download AudioThe Wrath of God 66.3Mb Shane Wil... 24-Jul-21
Download AudioGod Rewards Faithful Service 106Mb Mike Connell 4-Jul-21
Download AudioUngodly Judgments 33.9Mb Mike Connell 13-Jun-21
Download AudioUnresolved Grief & Judgments Against God (14 of... 125Mb Mike Connell 18-Apr-21
Download AudioIntimacy with God & Worship (11 of 16) 115Mb Mike Connell 15-Apr-21
Download AudioThe Kingdom of God & Deliverance (2 of 16) 121Mb Mike Connell 4-Apr-21
Download AudioCalled By God 71.0Mb Dave Connell 29-Jul-20
Download AudioThe Kingdom of God 86.3Mb Michael N... 19-Jul-20
Download AudioGod's Sonship Design (3 of 3) 69.3Mb Mike Connell 2-Apr-20
Download AudioGod Strengthens Your Heart 58.7Mb Dave Connell 9-Feb-20
Download AudioEmmanual - God With Us 61.9Mb Mike Connell 8-Dec-19
Download AudioGod hasn't finished with you yet 112Mb Patty Val... 26-May-19
Download AudioIntimate, strong, deep-rooted relationship with... 157Mb Patty Val... 25-May-19
Download AudioThe Majesty of God Mike Connell 24-Feb-19
Download AudioThe Power of God (3 of 6) 65.1Mb Mike Connell 24-Oct-18
Download AudioKnowing God As Our Father 53.0Mb Bruce Gre... 7-Oct-18
Download AudioGlory Of God 63.6Mb Shane Wil... 5-May-18
Download AudioGod's Breath To Dry Bones 41.9Mb Dave Connell 25-Mar-18
Download AudioRecognizing The Call Of God (2 of 2) 63.3Mb Dave Connell 18-Mar-18
Download AudioThe Hidden Call Of God (1 of 2) 77.7Mb Dave Connell 11-Mar-18
Download AudioSeek First The Kingdom Of God 93.0Mb Mike Connell 19-Feb-17
Download AudioTime To Get Passionate For God Again 45.2Mb Mike Connell 3-Jul-16
Download AudioGods Gift Within You 29.1Mb Dave Connell 29-May-16
Download AudioGod Of Breakthrough 42.5Mb Dave Connell 1-May-16
Download AudioThe God Of Breakthrough 46.7Mb Kate Connell 4-Oct-15
Download AudioSlave Or Son Of God 51.2Mb Koebi Hart 26-Jul-15
Download AudioPerfect Love - The Grace Of God 47.0Mb Mike Connell 31-May-15
Download AudioCultivating The Presence Of God 34.9Mb Mike Connell 26-Apr-15
Download AudioEmbrace Your Assignment God Has Given You 40.5Mb Mike Connell 22-Mar-15
Download AudioPressing Into God 45.7Mb Ayo Oyawale 22-Feb-15
Download AudioFaith To Grow - Building An Atmosphere For God ... 39.8Mb Mike Connell 1-Feb-15
Download AudioGods Plan Is The Same Every Year 39.3Mb Horowai E... 4-Jan-15
Download AudioPriesthood Of Believers - Carrying The Presence... 37.9Mb Mike Connell 16-Nov-14
Download AudioFaith Activates Gods Power 22.9Mb Dave Connell 31-Aug-14
Download AudioWe are on a Journey with God 23.7Mb Dave Connell 20-Jul-14
Download AudioGod of Breakthrough 32.4Mb Dave Connell 4-May-14
Download AudioGrace Of God 25.9Mb Dave Connell 20-Apr-14
Download AudioOur Perspective vs Gods Perspective 120Mb Dustin Smith 16-Feb-14
Download AudioThe Works of God 36.4Mb Dave Connell 9-Feb-14
Download AudioThe God of TurnArounds 23.7Mb Mike Connell 29-Dec-13
Download AudioLiving with Gods Perspective 37.3Mb Mike Connell 15-Dec-13
Download AudioWhen God does a New Thing 23.6Mb Brother G... 17-Nov-13
Download AudioSpeak the Word of God 37.0Mb Mike Connell 22-Sep-13
Download AudioInner Connection with God 38.4Mb Vaughan W... 7-Jul-13
Download AudioOccupying the Promises of God 37.3Mb Vaughan W... 7-Apr-13
Download AudioThe Power of Gods Word 39.3Mb Mike Connell 24-Mar-13
Download AudioFrame your World by the Word of God 9.45Mb Mike Connell 6-Jan-13
Download AudioWhen God Seems Silent (5 of 6) 15.1Mb Mike Connell 2-Dec-12
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