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Download AudioThe Empowering of the Holy Spirit 46.0Mb Mike Connell 4-Jun-23
Download AudioEmpowered to be Free 88.3Mb Mike Connell 4-Sep-21
Download AudioEmpowered by the Holy Spirit 85.5Mb Mike Connell 28-Aug-21
Download AudioPower to Change 73.7Mb Dave Connell 27-Dec-20
Download AudioA Shift of Power 59.2Mb Dave Connell 17-Nov-19
Download AudioPathway to Power (1 of 2) 82.8Mb Mike Connell 8-Jan-19
Download AudioThe Power of God (3 of 6) 65.1Mb Mike Connell 24-Oct-18
Download AudioPower Of Commitment 45.6Mb Jenny Gai... 1-Jul-18
Download AudioPathway to Power (2 of 2) 65.0Mb Mike Connell 28-Jan-18
Download AudioThe Power Of Praise 51.0Mb Kate Connell 5-Nov-17
Download AudioPower Of A Yeilded Heart 84.6Mb Dave Connell 26-Jun-16
Download AudioTake Responsibility And Become Powerful 37.2Mb Peter Ker... 6-Sep-15
Download AudioThere Is Power In The Name Of Jesus Christ 51.1Mb Doug Li 9-Aug-15
Download AudioResurrection Power 56.1Mb Shane Wil... 17-May-15
Download AudioHoly Spirit Wants To Shift The Balance Of Power... 40.1Mb Dave Connell 9-Nov-14
Download AudioFaith Activates Gods Power 22.9Mb Dave Connell 31-Aug-14
Download Audio Anointing and Power (3 of 3) 恩膏和电源 (3 of 3) 71.8Mb Mike Connell 18-Jun-14
Download AudioJesus Returns in the Power of The Spirit 34.4Mb Dave Connell 13-Apr-14
Download AudioPower Encounter for Deliverance (3 of 9) 經歷釋放的大能 87.6Mb Mike Connell 13-Sep-13
Download AudioHoly Spirit and Life Changing Power 圣灵和改变生活的动力 46.7Mb Mike Connell 4-Aug-13
Download AudioThe Power of the Resurrection (Easter 2013) 11.6Mb Mike Connell 31-Mar-13
Download AudioThe Power of Gods Word 39.3Mb Mike Connell 24-Mar-13
Download AudioPowerful Choices 9.23Mb Mike Connell 30-Dec-12
Download AudioPower of the Resurection 17.5Mb Mike Connell 24-Apr-11
Download AudioEncountering the Presence and Power of God Conf... 53.4Mb Clark Taylor 1-Mar-09
Download AudioEncountering the Presence and Power of God (2 o... 55.3Mb Clark Taylor 28-Feb-09
Download AudioEnountering the Presence & Power of God (3 of 5) 68.5Mb Clark Taylor 28-Feb-09
Download AudioEncountering the Presence and Power of God (1 o... 65.8Mb Clark Taylor 27-Feb-09
Download AudioDemonstrating God's Power (3 of 6) 61.8Mb Shane Wil... 22-Apr-08
Download AudioThe Power of Praise 33.5Mb Dave Connell 13-Jan-08
Download AudioCreative Power of the Tongue (12 of 12) 49.4Mb Mike Connell 6-Jan-08
Download AudioPower of the Tongue (9 of 12) 9.71Mb Mike Connell 16-Dec-07
Download AudioPower Of Agreement (6 of 12) 50.8Mb Mike Connell 28-Oct-07
Download AudioPower of Words (1 of 12) 45.7Mb Mike Connell 28-Oct-07
Download AudioShifting the Power 20.7Mb Dave Connell 30-Sep-07
Download AudioEaster 2004 - Why the Cross and the Power of th... 5.06Mb Mike Connell 16-Apr-06
Download AudioEaster 2004 - Why the Cross and the power of th... 8.01Mb Mike Connell 16-Apr-06
Download AudioKingdom power and Glory (1 of 2) 32.3Mb Charlie R... 25-Feb-06
Download AudioKingdom Power and Glory (2 of 2) 10.2Mb Charlie R... 25-Feb-06
Download AudioCelebrating 50 years 60.5Mb Mike Connell 31-Aug-20
Download AudioOvercoming the Spirit of Injustice 63.0Mb Mike Connell 22-Jun-20
Download AudioWhile You Were Sleeping 63.7Mb Kate Connell 27-Aug-19
Download AudioSonship & Heart Transformation (2 of 3) 143Mb Mike Connell 26-Aug-19
Download AudioSonship & Spiritual Warfare (3 of 3) 153Mb Mike Connell 26-Aug-19
Download AudioWho Are You 62.1Mb Jenny Gai... 10-Aug-19
Download AudioPs Ayo Oyawale 75.2Mb Ayo Oyawale 28-Jul-19
Download AudioOur Voice 102Mb Dave Connell 21-Jul-19
Download AudioSound The Trumpet! 91.4Mb Dave Connell 7-Jul-19
Download AudioThe Trumpet Sound 96.7Mb Dave Connell 30-Jun-19
Download AudioRepair the Altar of the Lord 98.6Mb Mike Connell 23-Jun-19
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