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Download AudioA Loving God, reaching out to the lost through us 8.43Mb Vaughan W... 22-Jul-12
Download AudioGifts of the Spirit / Hearing From God (1 of 5) 29.4Mb Mike Connell 17-Jul-12
Download AudioGods Heart for the Lost 5.63Mb Brydon Ni... 15-Jul-12
Download AudioGods Word Works In You (2 of 2) 37.5Mb Mike Connell 15-Jul-12
Download AudioDoing the Works of God 60.2Mb Mike Connell 11-Jun-12
Download AudioGod Knows 31.0Mb Horowai E... 20-Nov-11
Download AudioGod Desires Intimacy 28.1Mb Vaughan W... 16-Oct-11
Download AudioTrusting God in all Circumstances 38.5Mb Suz Hall 25-Sep-11
Download AudioThe Holy Spirit & the Will of God (7 of 7) 38.6Mb Mike Connell 11-Sep-11
Download AudioDesires & the Will of God (3 of 7) 43.3Mb Mike Connell 10-Jul-11
Download AudioTrusting God 35.0Mb Barry Ward 12-Jun-11
Download AudioFaith towards God (2 of 7) 10.3Mb Mike Connell 20-Feb-11
Download AudioDesperate for God 57.3Mb Roger Sales 23-Jan-11
Download AudioGod of Glory 52.5Mb Brent Dou... 28-Nov-10
Download AudioWho is Your God 35.3Mb Kate Connell 31-Oct-10
Download AudioTrusting God 40.6Mb Scott Cowan 29-Aug-10
Download AudioKingdom of God 37.6Mb Dave Connell 6-Jun-10
Download AudioPursue God 34.3Mb Sajan Easow 23-May-10
Download AudioGod is Able 29.2Mb Dave Connell 2-May-10
Download AudioThe Sons of God 38.0Mb Sajan Easow 11-Apr-10
Download AudioHear God Speaking (Developing a Listening Ear) 44.8Mb Mike Connell 3-Jan-10
Download AudioIdentifying Gods Presence 33.4Mb Mike Connell 11-Oct-09
Download AudioHow Big is the God we serve 34.3Mb Mike Connell 11-Oct-09
Download AudioKeep Yourself in the Love of God (3 of 6) 51.8Mb Mike Connell 26-Jul-09
Download AudioStruggling against the Call of God (2 of 2) 27.4Mb Mike Connell 19-Jul-09
Download AudioGod’s Extravagant Love (2 of 6) 38.6Mb Mike Connell 19-Jul-09
Download AudioStruggling against the Call of God (1 of 2) 29.5Mb Mike Connell 12-Jul-09
Download AudioWalking on Gods Legacy 38.3Mb Steve Rob... 7-Jun-09
Download AudioPractising the Presence of God 10.4Mb Mike Connell 31-May-09
Download AudioI am the Lord your God (2 of 6) 41.6Mb Shane Wil... 13-May-09
Download AudioSeeing God in Every Situation 31.1Mb Steve Rob... 26-Apr-09
Download AudioEncountering the Presence and Power of God Conf... 53.4Mb Clark Taylor 1-Mar-09
Download AudioEncountering the Presence and Power of God (2 o... 55.3Mb Clark Taylor 28-Feb-09
Download AudioEnountering the Presence & Power of God (3 of 5) 68.5Mb Clark Taylor 28-Feb-09
Download AudioEncountering the Presence and Power of God (1 o... 65.8Mb Clark Taylor 27-Feb-09
Download AudioEmanuel - God is With Us 34.2Mb Mike Connell 21-Dec-08
Download AudioPositioning Yourself to See God Move 33.9Mb Steve Rob... 7-Dec-08
Download AudioAppointed by God (2 of 2) 34.5Mb Doug Li 2-Nov-08
Download AudioAppointed by God (1 of 2) 34.3Mb Doug Li 26-Oct-08
Download AudioFavour of God 36.5Mb Dave Connell 5-Oct-08
Download AudioThe God Stretch 51.1Mb Vicki Sim... 28-Sep-08
Download AudioFollowing God 33.6Mb Doug Li 31-Aug-08
Download AudioDemonstrating God's Power (3 of 6) 61.8Mb Shane Wil... 22-Apr-08
Download AudioThe Love of God 13.5Mb Rob Hotchkin 9-Dec-07
Download AudioExpect Gods Presence 15.3Mb Rob Hotchkin 9-Dec-07
Download AudioWhen God comes a Second Time 26.6Mb David McC... 7-Oct-07
Download AudioGod Wants to Transform Your Life 18.9Mb Steve Rob... 16-Sep-07
Download AudioReceiving from God 9.66Mb Mike Connell 26-Aug-07
Download AudioFlavour of God 16.3Mb Ali Roberts 5-Aug-07
Download AudioBe a friend of God 14.9Mb Charlie R... 15-Jul-07
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