Deliverance and Healing Heart (2 of 5)

拯救和治疗心Deliverance and Healing Heart (2 of 5)

Wed 22 May 2013 (Chinese/English) New Life Church, Taiwan

Session (1 of 2): The language of the heart is very different from the language of the mind. Discover how to connect with the heart, to tune it. There are forces (energies) that impact the heart - positively and negatively

Session (2 of 2): This session covers seven 'activations' to help us experience the presence and flow of the Holy Spirit. The first four involve the Holy Spirit energising us with tongues. We then develop the capacity to tune in quickly and easily, to impressions we have. There are two different flows - the flow from within, which we impart; and the anointing of the spirit upon people.
Keywords: intuitive, flowing, spontanous, impressions, feelings, energise, mental pictures, trauma, built up in the spirit, energised by the word of god , tune-in, activations, experiences, imagine, journal, expect, aware, unbelief