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Evil Spirits and how they Operate (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

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So you notice that many people you know, have you noticed how little is much for them, and how it doesn't take much to get them really upset, a little wee thing? What are you - off they go. They've got an area of their life out of control, they're in bondage, and demonic spirits are energising a root problem. Now it's not just a matter of getting the demon out. You need to address the root problem that gives it a right to be there. We'll come to that later. So the second thing we notice is - we going to have a look at an example of Jesus doing deliverance, so it says: He was anointed with the Holy Ghost. That's a crucial thing. You cannot do deliverance without the Holy Ghost, and usually He doesn't do it without you, so you'll see a little later, it's a working together with the Holy Spirit.

So we'll have a look in Luke, Chapter 4, and we'll go down, read it there in Verse 32. They were astonished at His teaching, for His word was with authority. Now in the synagogue, there was a man who had a spirit of an unclean demon. So the environment they're in, is in church. The guy's a believer, and he's sitting in church, and as he's sitting in church, Jesus gets up and begins to minister, and He's preaching, sharing the word of God. The spirit of God starts to fill the place, and as the spirit of God fills the place, there's a man in there, now he's come to church to worship, to give, and to listen to the word of God. Instead he's becoming agitated, and he's firing up inside, and suddenly he just bursts out in the middle of the meeting, and starts yelling out. What does he yell out? Leave us alone! Ever prayed that prayer? Leave me alone. [Laughs] It's a male prayer I think. [Laughter] Leave us alone! What have we to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth? Did You come here to destroy us? I know who You are - the Holy One of God!

Now let's just have a look at what the demon said, and see if we can gain a bit of insight. The man is now no longer in control. A spirit is speaking through him. The spirit has now got a hold of his voice, and it's now the spirit that's talking, so what happens to the guy? Here's what would happen to the guy. He would be aware that someone is talking through him, but he'd have no control over it whatsoever. The spirit being is now speaking, and expressing itself, and talking directly at Jesus, and reacting to Jesus very, very strongly. He would be aware of what is happening, but he has no power to deal with it. The hidden spirit that tormented him is now in a full manifestation - so that's what it means, the spirit is manifesting through him. It's expressing its life in a way which it can't be hid. Now one of the things about evil spirits is, they seek to conceal that there's a spirit there.

They want you to think you've just got a problem, so if we look at this man - the Bible says it was - notice another thing we notice, it was an unclean spirit, so it's almost certain that the man had problems of a sexual nature, meaning his mind was tormented with lust, or tormented with unclean pictures. There's an unclean spirit is operating in his life, so he would be pressured into sexual sin. He would find himself falling and failing regularly, he'd be troubled in his mind with pictures, he would be under pressure, or there's like a fire burning inside him, that he can't seem to get the power over. He's forever saying sorry, and asking God to forgive him, but can't break free into wholeness. Why? It's empowered by an evil spirit, and not only that, we notice here it says, the demon said: leave us alone, what have WE to do with you? So it's almost certain there's more than one spirit there.

So we gain insight, that not only can a demon come into a person's life and torment them, but it will try to bring others in, so they get a cluster of them, and that makes the problem worse. So for example, if this say was a sexual demon, how would it have come into his life? It could have come in a number of ways. It could have come in generationally. It maybe was in the family, it's a family spirit. I remember praying for one girl, age of four, tormented with unclean pictures. It was a demon that came in, because of the conduct of the father and the mother, which we established when we talked with them, so it could have come in and been in his life all his life. It could have come in if he'd been molested at some point in his life, and from that point on, there's got this defilement, and this burning lust thing going on in his life - never wanted it, but can't stop it because it's a spirit that's empowering it. The third thing it could have been, he may have been involved in idolatry, or some form of spiritism.