Evil Spirits and how they Operate (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

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Probably a way of picturing it is like this; if you wanted to become a policeman, police officer, you'd have to do training. Then you have an oath of allegiance to the government, that you will represent the government. Then they give you a uniform, and if you're in another country they give you a gun. Now the uniform, you represent the government. That's why you're driving down the road, and you're going a bit fast, and you see a police car or a policeman standing there, the immediate thing is you become conscious of your sin and failure, and conscious of the authority. Now it's not the authority of the man. It is the government that is actually confronting you, and you become immediately aware of it. In other words when you see the uniform, you become aware of authority, and aware of your condition straight away, so this is one of the things. So the policeman's just an ordinary person. He gets up and goes to work like everyone else goes to work. Now he's wearing the uniform, has the gun, now he's got the power to stop someone - stop, or I shoot you! So he has authority, a legal right, so long as - notice this - he has to stay within his jurisdiction.

If I'm a policeman here, it doesn't mean I'm recognised in Australia, or anywhere else. I'm a policeman here, I'm representative of the government, I've got to stay within the law, and I've got to operate out of my own instructions that have been given to me. So I have the law book, and I have direct instructions, and I have to heed both of them. You have the word of God, and the instruction of the Holy Spirit, and you've got to listen to both of them - and you have the power to carry it out. Now what did Jesus say? He said: if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come among you. Now who does the casting out? A person must cast out the demon. Someone has to make the demon leave. It will not leave unless it's made to, so that word is to hurl it out, so in deliverance, a person has to represent God and confront the demon. You've actually got to hurl it out. That means you engage it.

You can't just pray some little prayer; oh God, just set this person free. It's not like that at all. It's like with word commands, you are violently displacing a spirit. It requires asserting your spirit. It requires being aggressive. It requires - you know, like it says, the kingdom of heaven, violent men enter and possess it, so it requires you be strong and forceful. You can't be passive in this matter. Now that doesn't mean loud or shouty or losing your voice. It's you must speak strongly, with conviction and authority from your voice. Okay, so I cast them out by the Spirit of God, so the work of deliverance requires the Holy Spirit to engage with me, so therefore I need to believe that something will happen when I pray. I need to believe God is in me, God is with me, that when I pray, something's going to happen. Now if you go and you think, well I wonder what will happen, then maybe something, maybe not, but most times nothing much happens. But if you go there, I know that when I speak, that spirit is going to go, when there's a confidence in your heart that faith gives, something will happen.

Demons, often in deliverance, will just deliberately resist you, to see if you'll persist and give up. They check out whether you really do believe you have the right to deal with them, and sometimes they just play up and just resist you, or just pretend there's nothing happening, and just make you - oh, maybe nothing going on, I knew I couldn't pray very well anyway, it's not my thing, you know? Your mind starts to fill with thoughts that would take you out of casting the demon out. So if I, by the Spirit of God, cast them out - so in order to cast out demons, you need the Spirit of God working with you. Now one of the exercises we're going to get you to do is we're going to get you to pray in tongues, and activate the flow of God inside you, then learn to minister and release the power of God to another person by voice command. Now you've all got excited about that. We'll do that, I'll show you how to do it shortly, and I'm going to get each of you to start to practice, believing, that if I speak, then something will happen. Isn't that a good thing?