Evil Spirits and how they Operate (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

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So if you break the law, if you go in excess of the law, you go 70k, now you may not see the sign. You may just be out there, and you've come from the country, you're zooming along, and you didn't even see the sign that says the speed has changed. Now you zoom down there, and you're doing 70 not 50, and the policeman sees you, he can then pull you over and say: you broke the law. You say: I didn't know. He says: there was a sign, you were responsible to know, so not knowing is never counted as an excuse. You broke the law, you pay the fine. You notice now there is a consequence for the broken law. In other words, he has the legal right to impose a fine, because you broke the law. Now there are also spiritual laws, the laws of God. People break the laws - whether they knew or not, it still creates a legal ground for evil spirits to enter people's life. That's what the cross was about. The cross was about removing the legal rights.

Notice this scripture, you may remember it but not really thought too much about it, because often you read scriptures, don't really understand what it means. In Colossians 2:14 it says that Jesus took away the list of ordinances, the writing that was contrary to us, and against us, took it out of the way, nailing it to the cross, and disarmed spiritual powers, principalities and powers, and triumphed over them. What is that scripture all about? Very simple. The list of every possible transgression, broken law that you and I have committed, Jesus took it all in Himself on the cross, and by taking it to the cross He broke the legal rights of the demons to gain access to our life. He disarmed them. He took away their weapon. The weapon demons use is sin, so when sin happens, they have a right of access, so a demon will tempt a person to sin. Once they've sinned the legal ground, or the broken law, is now established. They have the right to enter. Getting the idea?

So if we're going to set people free, we have to understand what the cross has done, and bring sin issues to the light, and to the cross. There's no deliverance without dealing with sin. We have to be willing to address sin issues. If we don't address sin issues, the way the Bible tells us to, confess them to Him, if we confess our transgression, we confess to Him our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So what Jesus has done, by the power of our confession, He can wipe away the legal rights the demon has, and also make us clean on the inside - but I've got to do my part, bring my sin to the light. Now many people just want to get free of demons, but they don't want to address the root cause the demons are in there. Generally the root cause is legal rights, or issues of trauma and brokenness in the person's life. Got the idea?

So notice the demon will say: my house. Now to just illustrate this, I have had many deliverances where the demon suddenly erupted and began to argue and said something like this: she belongs to me, he belongs to me. I will not leave. In other words, the demon claimed legal ownership, so we'll see when it comes to preparing people for deliverance, it is quite important to get them to confess that they belong to Jesus Christ, their faith in Christ, that Jesus, I belong to Jesus, spirit, soul and body. Why? It's a profession of faith. Why? Because we want to counteract what the demon's about to say: no, I won't go, they belong to me. So we get the person into a confession, or profession of their faith, to remove the legal grounds that the demon has, so when they profess their faith in Christ, they're in the kingdom of God, they belong to Jesus. When they repent of their sin, the legal rights for the demon to enter are now dismissed. Now we are able to command the demon, it cannot stay, it must go. Getting the idea?

So the work of Jesus on the cross is extraordinary. There's so much you can continue to learn about what our loving saviour has done for us. Okay then, let's keep going then. So demons, what else can they do? They can come back, they find the person, and find it's empty, swept and put in order, so notice that demons can recognise your condition, so if you've just tidied up your place, and you're empty - that word empty means on holiday, not active and not business, not going and you're just looking good, but you've never established your life with God, the demons can come back and enter again. So it's important that people are discipled, not just delivered. We have to help them establish their life with God again, so he goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than himself. So obviously there are levels of wickedness among evil demons, and some are more wicked than others, and create more harm than others. It's also obvious from this, that demons talk to one another, and strategise how to work together to get into a person's life.