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Loving Leadership (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

We were over in Fiji having a lovely honeymoon experience, and I looked over and I thought, what the heck is wrong with you two over there, two people sitting there, and they're in Fiji, sitting by the waterfront. The candles are there, the music is playing, and we're holding hands having a very intimate romantic moment - and the two of them are sitting reading books. [Laughter] It was all I could do, not to go over, and grab the books, and say: relate to one another! [Laughter] What's wrong with you? It's honour. If she wants to talk, give her your attention. Another way you honour your wife is by faithfulness sexually, you're not looking at other woman, or allowing your heart to go towards other women. That's dishonours your wife. Ooh, getting quiet again. [Laughter] Just think about these things, how do I honour my wife?

And finally the last principle, Ephesians 5:25, husbands, the principle of loving kindness. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church, and gave Himself. It attracts women, if you show loving kindness. How do you show it? Well you extend grace to their differences, and their failings, and you forgive them. You don't let your harbour anger and bitterness. You offer practical support and help. You show acts of kindness, and you speak the truth. One of the things that helps build a loving relationship, is sharing out of your heart, and talking honestly and openly about things, instead of having it all come up. Most men have trouble speaking about their feelings. My wife comes to talk to me about feelings, and she'll ask me a few things, and I have moments when I disappear into a cave, after I work it all out. [Laughter] She says HELLO! You still there? [Laughter] And the voice from inside the cave - only just. [Laughter] Then I worked out, that I didn't have to work it all out. We could just interact, and start to share what we felt, without feeling I had to have an answer, or fix it up. You don't have to fix it up men, you just need to connect, and express loving kindness. That which is desirable in a man, is loving kindness.

Why don't we just bow our heads right now. The most loving and kind person I've ever known is Jesus Christ. What a wonderful person - loved us, forgave us, went to the cross for us. It'd be hard to resist His love. I wonder, is there any person here, who is at a point in your life where you say: I am ready to receive Jesus Christ. I've been living a life cut off from that love, that life of God. I've been running my life myself, my own way, but today there's something in my heart is saying: I want to become a follower of Christ. I want to receive Jesus Christ. Inside there's a struggle going on, perhaps you've had people talk to you about the Lord. You've had Christians talk to you, and as you're here today, God has drawn you, and you're thinking in your heart: I really do want to know God. The Bible says, Jesus said these words: I stand at the door and knock. If any man open up I will come into him.

Jesus desires to put His spirit in your heart, and change you on the inside. He just wants you to say yes. The Bible says: to as many as received Jesus Christ, He gave power to become children of God. God, you have to be born into your family of God, by a relationship with Christ. I believe you're ready to make that decision right now. I want you just to, while our eyes are closed and heads are bowed, I want you just to lift your hand and say: I'd like to become a Christian. I'm not concerned what people think of me, or what the world thinks of me, I just want my relationship with God to come right today. I want to receive Jesus Christ. Is that you friend? Why don't you raise your hand right now, just say: I want to become a Christian, I want to give my life to Christ.

Every relationship starts with a step, a step of opening our life to another person. Today that's the step I'm asking you to take, that you'll open your life up to Christ. He died on the cross for your sins. He won't hurt you, He'll never abuse or use you. Jesus Christ loves you. Is that you today, say that's me, I want to become a Christian. I wonder today how many men have felt God really spoke to you and challenged you. You said: God, you've been talking to me today. Perhaps it's in the area of taking responsibility, of initiative. Perhaps it's in the area of bonding and connecting with your wife intimately, far more. Perhaps it's in the area of honouring her, and valuing her. Perhaps it's in the area of sharing and partnering together. Perhaps it's in the area of just a kindness towards her, God's speaking to you today. Why don't you just raise your hand and say: God's been talking to me today, and I want to make some changes?