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Developing a Kingly Mentality (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Now to change the belief system of your heart is called this, it's called repentance. Repentance. Foundational to the life of God is repentance. Jesus said: repent, the kingdom is at hand. In other words, I have so much to offer you, its right at your doorstep, but to enter it requires repentance, a change of heart view, of heart belief, of heart approach. God has many things for us, but repentance, changing our belief system, is crucial to entering it. It's not about an external performance; it's about the heart welcoming truth, embracing it, and experiencing it. We'll share a few keys on that just shortly.

So you notice there, they were burning with bitterness, resentment, unbelief and judgements. They needed to get their heart clear of it. That's what the wilderness was about. It was about an opportunity to get freed up of the baggage of the past, come into a place of recognising over and over again, God is loving, God can be trusted, God provides. Now I can learn to arise, be responsible, and partner with Him in taking the land. So in your initial Christian experience, God shifts a lot of things out of your life, but then it's to prepare you so you can begin to walk with Him, begin to dream and explore desires, begin to discover your destiny, and begin to flow with Him into fulfilling your destiny. But if you remain stuck in the baggage of the past, then your belief system doesn't come up far enough to get you into what God has. So changing or repenting requires recognising the patterns of thinking and believing. You've got to be aware of it and recognise it first of all, taking responsibility that the root issues are mine, and I'm going to take and embrace the process of change.

It involves resolving grief and anger and bitterness and judgement. You've got to resolve this stuff, or it just keeps operating in your life. It's like a garden with weeds that have never been weeded out. It involves renewing the patterns of thinking, and beginning to start to recognise and confront old patterns when they come back, and making a decision to change. I guarantee you, you change in your thinking and believing, you'll change in the friendships and the people you've got around you. You will, because changing in the heart changes what's outside you.

Okay, now let's have a look at a kingly mentality, and the kingly mentality is found in Caleb. Let's define a kingly mentality, a kingly mentality. That's what God wants us to have, a kingly - so a kingly mentality is a way of thinking. It's a way of thinking like a king would think. It's a way of viewing life like a king would view life. It's a way of interpreting the experiences you have through a kingly dominion mindset. It's a way of thinking, and so we have to change our way of thinking.

So in 1 Corinthians 6, Verse 17 it says: he that's joined to the Lord is one spirit. So a kingly mindset is a way of viewing life, I am joined one spirit with the Lord, God and me are one, and wherever I go God is with me. This is a winning team! God, Almighty God, who never lost a battle in His life, is with me! That's a kingly mentality see? Kingly mentality means I take full responsibility for my personal life, my thoughts, beliefs, emotions, responses, words and actions. No more blame game - you! No more! Kings don't get the blame game going. Kings stand up and own their life, and then govern their life, then govern beyond them. They have influence because they've shifted. Romans 5:17, a person exercises faith to manifest the life of God, so a kingly mentality is something like this. I'm connected to God Almighty, who loves me, is with me, means good for me, and He has called me to represent Him on this earth and to extend His kingdom, so my prayer is: Father, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth in me and through me just like it is in heaven. That is a kingly mentality. It's a whole way of looking at life, so a challenge comes up; it's an opportunity to bring the life of God to change it.