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Developing a Kingly Mentality (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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You say oh, but you don't understand, we're in a crisis. There's no crisis in heaven. It's only in your mind and heart. Now I know it's in the physical reality, but God takes people through crises. So how did he respond? So when a person's got this kind of faith in their heart, notice he brought word this was in his heart. The big thing is how he saw God: God is big and great and loves us. He's a covenant God. He's with us. We can't lose. We can't lose - and even a setback is just that, it's a setback. Even a failure's just a setback. We can't lose. We can't lose, because why? Because God said it, and God doesn't lie. See, He's based on the truth. Remember they'd all seen the glory, they'd all seen the miracles, all seen fire. They'd seen all manner of things, but what they needed was faith in their heart - which comes by believing the word and character of God.

They needed to shift and begin to be believers - so what happens next? So how did he respond? Well this is how a person who's got faith in their heart responds, in Numbers 13, Verse 30. He shut up the critical negative talk. Now believe me, if you listen to critical, negative talk, and don't say a word, you're in agreement with it, and the spirit behind it. You've got to understand if you listen to negative, critical talk you have come into agreement with the spirit behind it. What you say and do is important. If someone starts being negative and critical, you need to do what Caleb did, and shut it up! He silenced the people! He refused to dwell among people that were critical and negative. He stopped the negative talk, and spoke into it. That's what faith does, that kind of stuff see? The second thing is, he rejected the negative attitude - Verse 9 of Numbers 14: Don't rebel. Don't fear. Don't get a bad attitude. God is with us.

You've got to realise that negative words and negative attitudes are infectious like a plague. They're like a spiritual disease. If someone had leprosy, or some kind of aids and the sores were everywhere, I can't see you going up there and giving them a hug. You'll just stand back a bit and you'll have a bit of caution going on in there, don't want to catch what you've got. But when someone comes near with negative words and a negative attitude, it's very easy to wrap them in our arms and hug them and love them and get into agreement with it and the spirit behind. He just cut it out completely, and challenged the people to think and believe differently. He rejected the negative attitude, and he boldly declared the word of God. We are well able, God is with us, their defence is departed, they're bread for us. This is it, we can do it.

Now understand, this was his heart, and God says he's got a different spirit, different heart attitude, a kingly dominion heart attitude. You know why the others couldn't go into the land? Because it required faith to inherit the promises, and two men had it. Those two, God said: I'll bring you in, but the others can't come in. Why can't they come in? They haven't got what it will take. They just can't make it. That's why God may have lots of things for you, but if you don't prepare your heart and shift your thinking, you can't make it. We can't make it in there, because it requires faith to access the promises of God. There's got to be a heart belief, so notice he had a big heart belief, and so God says man, this boy I'm bringing in. Not only him, all his family as well. He's got another spirit, a kingly spirit. Okay, so how can we get that kingly heart attitude in us? Let me give you a couple of thoughts, and then we'll finish up.

Battles are won and lost in the mind and heart. The battles of life are won and lost in the minds and the hearts, because the Bible says - Proverbs 23:7 - as a man thinks in his heart so he is. Now that word 'thinks' is an on going present continuous word. In other words, as a man is continually thinking in his heart, then that's how his life is working out. Why? Because of the thoughts, and what thoughts do. I want to share with you something I discovered through a little bit of research just recently. As you continue to think, you are building your life, so your thoughts are building the life you'll have on the earth. Your thoughts are like bricks, and you're putting them in one after another, and so the way we think and view life begins to build into us, and program in us, how we're going to be in the future. You have to understand that.