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Developing a Kingly Mentality (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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You'll be transformed totally by the renovation of your mind. Now I wish I could have you come up and lay hands on you, and renovate your mind [laughter] but as you all know with renovation, you've got to remove and strip out the whole room, everything that's in there, and systematically replace it with something else, systematically replace it with something else. What we have to do is called renewing of the mind, and Joshua was commended to do it before he went into the land. One of the biggest instructions God gave him is this: meditate, ponder, picture, imagine, get into the feelings of My word, so My word begins to build neuron trees and begins to shape the way you think. Declare My word, because that'll reinforce it in your life. Begin to act on My word - notice what He says - you will make your own way to prosper. In other words prosperity outside us, begins with change inside us.

Kingly manifestations outside, begin with kingly thinking on the inside, and no one can do it except you - so that requires these sorts of things, becoming aware of how you think. In other words, notice what you feel, because behind a feeling is a thought, or a belief. Evaluate it, judge it. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 10:5, bringing every thought and every imagination into captivity, these things that exalt themselves against knowing God. So many of us are limited in our experiences and knowledge of God, because we have thoughts that resist and oppose and continually frustrate God's revelation flowing into our life. Renew the mind and it begins to change. How do we do it? We need to picture, imagine the truth, see the truth, begin to imagine what that feels like, the truth: God is in me. When Clark was here he shared a brilliant message, just of what it took for him to meditate that Almighty God was in him. This God that made creation in me, every day meditating on it, so wherever he went he could minister the power of God, because he felt immediately the presence of God with him.

Meditate, ponder, imagine, picture, begin to let it affect your feelings, begin to speak it and embrace it, declare it over your life, begin to live out and act according to it, and you'll begin to find old memory patterns start to shift, new memory patterns start to form, and your life begins to change. I've determined in this coming year to work on some different areas of change. What about you?

Let's just close our eyes right now. The core of it is repentance, a change of mind and a change of heart, and that's where every one of us stands today. If we want to see more of the kingdom of God in our life, let's turn from old, unproductive thinking. Abandon it, reject it and put it off, and let's be renewed in our mind, and put on whole new ways of thinking and living that make us productive and fruitful, and make us think like a king, talk like a king, act like a king and experience kingly advances in our life.

Just while our eyes are closed and heads are bowed is there any person here today doesn't know Jesus Christ? This would be a great day for you to turn from an old way of thinking, an old way of life, a life in bondage, slavery and alone, into a life connected to Jesus Christ. At the cross Jesus died and broke the power of sin in your life so you could be free.

Is there anyone here today right at that place of decision? I wonder how many others today, as I've spoken today you realise that much of what you're experiencing in life that makes you unhappy, is a result of wrong thinking, of issues in the heart unresolved, and God's been speaking to you today about putting off the victim mentality, dealing with the victim issues of the heart, and beginning to put on a kingdom mentality - no more blame, standing up, and beginning to take hold of what God says about you. Day by day meditating in the truth, rejecting the lies, evaluating your thoughts as they come in - does this line up with the word of God? If it doesn't - I reject that thought, it's an ungodly thought. I hold the truth in my heart, I confess the truth, meditate on the truth, embrace the truth, until I see it manifest in my life.