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Developing a Kingly Mentality (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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The life of God changes things. Last night in the park, when we had over 100 people there singing and worshipping and just singing the Christmas carols, but you know what? They released a spiritual atmosphere into the place, so people fell, cried, were touched, their hearts started to turn back and remember God. What is all that about? That's heaven starting to come to earth. It's people joined to God, flowing as one, bringing the life of God out to where people are. It's the most amazing thing - so the example of it is Caleb. Here it is in Numbers 14, Verse 24: But My servant Caleb has a different spirit. He's got a kingly spirit, kingly spirit. He's followed Me fully, I'll bring him into the land where he went and his descendants with him. So whenever you hear the word Caleb, at least three times in the Bible it says: oh, My servant Caleb, who has a different spirit! What God needs is people with a different spirit, not the spirit of the world, complaining and victim and orphaned and alone, but a different spirit, a spirit of the king! The king of kings inside us, a spirit that says: God is with me, and I'm aware of Him, and I can work with Him, and we'll do some things together.

The name Caleb means literally this: Caleb means to be forcible, to have a bit of push and grunt; or it means not to be a sissy and a pushover. [Laughter] So Caleb means no sissy boy here! No pushover here! It also has the meaning to be a dog, like a dog would fiercely attack - so I kind of thought of him being like a Doberman. [Laughter] You imagine yourself being a Doberman, my goodness they're scary dogs aren't they? You look over a gate and see a Doberman, there's no way you're going there. Wouldn't that be right? No way you're going into any place where there's a Doberman. You look there, and their ears go back, and the teeth begin to bare - you're gone! There's no way you're going to hang around. Now that's what the devil wants to see, is a church full of Dobermans. [Laughter] See? So when they go grrrr grrrrr the devils flee! We're not like that to people, we're like that to the devil see?

This man here was a forcible man, so how did he see his situation? See, what I'm concerned about is more than just his name. His name is prophetic of the type of the person who has a kingly mentality, and arises and gets God's promises, but there's things that he had in his heart. In the Book of Joshua, Chapter 14, he said: I brought word back as was in my heart. When a person shares what's in their heart they're revealing their beliefs, who they really are. They're actually being quite open and transparent. Now I want you to see the contrast of Caleb's heart, and what he really believed, and the heart of the people of Israel. Here it is, let's have a look at Caleb, how did he see God. Look in Numbers, Chapter 14 and Verse 9: And the Lord is with us. See, how did he see God? Almighty God is with us! He didn't see God as being someone far off, distant, uncaring, unloving. The Mighty covenant God, and I'm in covenant with Him. I belong to the tribe of Judah. I belong to a tribe connected to Him! God is with us! What a difference it would make in your life if everywhere you went: GOD IS WITH ME! - Now don't yell that out, they'll think you're nutty, but [Laughter] - well you may want to yell it out but, you know?

But you need to know it experientially on the inside, to feel that truth, God is inside me. Almighty God is with me. Wherever I go, God is with me. I'm not alone in life, I don't have to struggle in life. God, my Father is with me, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in me. Now you see when we get to believe that in our heart, it begins to fill the mind and you begin to talk that way, it just comes out of you. You talk that way. Notice the way he saw himself; Numbers 13, Verse 30: Caleb shut the people up, and said: let us go up, we're well able to overcome it. Notice the way he sees himself? We are well able. He included everyone else, which is quite generous of him. What he's really saying is: I can do this, I can do it, I can do it because God is with me. I can do it. So how did he see himself? He saw he's an over comer.