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Developing a Kingly Mentality (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Do you see yourself that way, or see yourself as a victim? See, no victim mentality here, we can do it, we're over comers. Paul said the same thing: I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me, Philippians 4:18. See, it's the same thing. Whatever God calls me to do, I can do it through Christ who strengthens me. See, it's the way you see yourself. You're a winner. Tell someone next to you, you're a winner. [You're a winner.] Well no one likes to call themselves a loser do they? I mean imagine if you turned around - see the bubble that comes when you say: you're a winner, but imagine if you turned around and said: you're a loser! Man, you'd probably get a poke on the nose. There'd be slapping, there'd be aggro, there'd be all kinds of stuff go down there.

Hey listen, the devil tells you you're a loser every day of your life, 24 hours of the day. He's always telling you you're a loser. He wants you to believe you're a loser; God wants you to believe you're a winner. You've got to choose who you're going to listen to. You've got to listen to God and what God says: you're a winner! The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead is within you. You must be a winner! That same spirit energises your body. You don't have to be tired when the spirit of God is available to flow through your body. Come on, think about this. See, we choose our attitude when we get out of bed. Ooh, another day, oh no. [Laughter] Oh glory! Another day! It's an effort and a discipline see? How did he see the challenges? So he didn't look like a victim: oh no, giants, this is so bad, what kind of mess am I in now? He didn't look at it like that. This is what he said, Numbers 14, Verse 9: Don't rebel against the Lord, don't fear the people of the land. These giants are bread, their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us.

How did he look at Giants? How did he look at giants? He said they're bread for us. Giants are the food of kings. Giants are the food of kings! They're the bread of kings. It's one thing to feed on the bread, the word of God, but there's another bread that gets you strong, and that's feeding on the giants! Feeding on the giants - not fleeing the giants; feeding off the giants. Giants are bread. You see I can feel the unbelief rising straight away. [Laughter] You think well I hear what he's saying, but inside I don't believe that at all. [Laughter] No way. Well okay, you can believe what you choose. I guarantee your giants aren't bread. Your giants actually hurt you, wound you, defeat you consistently, because you don't see them as bread, as part of God's provision to grow godly people, great champions, great kings. Kings have to be grown, they don't just turn up. You sit in church and listen to a message and then you become a king? I don't think so. [Laughter] You've got to be doing something the rest of the week you know, and so when you go out there, God's got a giant for you to face.

Instead of looking, thinking oh how you doing today? Oh ooh... Oh, I see you've got a giant! Oh ho ho! You've got a giant! [Laughter] And you're a grasshopper. I can feel grasshopper emanating out of you! Come on, see? It's the words coming out of your mouth; it reveals what's in your heart - grasshopper or giant slayer? See, Caleb said at 85: you remember that mountain where all the giants were, and the majority of people had a whinge and a whine, and complained and wasted 40 years? I want that mountain with those giants! See it doesn't register does it; see 85 someone asking for a challenge. Most people at 85 just want a rest home, [laughter] someone to wheel them around, take them for an outing, feed them and wipe up the dribble. [Laughter] But we're not like that! [No!] We can remain strong and vibrant through Christ's life within us - but you have to have a mentality like that. I'll show you why in just a moment. Anyway so there it is, giant. Giants are bread.

Notice what he says: Their defence is departed from them. What he's referring to is this. The demonic realm that empowered the giants, and made them look so fierce and gave them such authority, God has already caused it to be broken over their life. That's why you can win the victory. They may look big, but actually their defence is departed from them, their demons are no longer operative. We have something more operative. Now you come to the cross, Colossians 2, and it tells us very clearly now God, Christ has disarmed principalities and powers so you would not fear spirits but rather walk in dominion over them. You've got to believe it though, have to believe the truth, repent of the old stuff, the unbelief that stops you getting the victory. So he saw the challenge as their bread, and notice how he saw the land: it's flowing with milk and honey. Man, have we got a good life ahead. So we ask how's it going? Oh, not too good. How's it going? Man, God is providing challenge after challenge for me to grow, I'm looking forward to the things He's bringing into my life! Bread, milk and honey is ahead for me, milk and honey!