Servants or Kings (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Don't get some defeatist mentality. Don't get some victim mentality. Don't shut down and become passive. This is a great day and hour for kings to arise, an hour for you to discover who you are, to discover what God put into your heart to accomplish and begin to do what you need to do to get there. And it's not just about listening for instructions. It's about investing in yourself, about getting someone to help you and coach you. It's about gaining wisdom so you can make decisions. You don't run a business waiting for a miracle every week. What a tragic business that would be and what a pathetic runner you would be. What you do is you run your business on wisdom and under the blessing of God. It goes better that way.

So what a great day. How many know someone who thinks like a slave and a servant? How many of you know someone? I know it's not you but you're thinking of someone right now - but God has called us to rise up and become kingly seed.

Come on, let's just stand to our feet right now. Let's give the king of kings a great clap! Let's give Him a great shout! ... [Applause, verbal praise] ... There is a time coming when Jesus will come again, but He's coming for a glorious church. He's coming for a people full of glory. He's coming for a people who are changed. He's coming for a company of kings! He's coming for a company of people transformed into His image and likeness! He's not coming for something weak and defeated. He is moving by His spirit in this hour, reviving is taking place now! Tomorrow there'll be more. The day after, there'll be more! There is a river taking place now! It's time to lock into that river to grow in that river and see His glory manifest!

Father, we honour you today. We give you the glory! Come on, on the count of three let's give Him a shout - one, two, three ... [Shouting] ... Let's shout to the king of kings! Shout to the Lord of Lords. Shout to Him, the glorious one!