Servants or Kings (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Become part of a royal family with something to contribute, something to give see, so a servant values personal security. So think about this; the servant that was given the one talent just buried it all and didn't do anything. The other ones all traded and got commended and got promoted. It's a mentality. It's a way of thinking see?

So a servant values security but a king values destiny, so a servant will try to do everything to make sure I don't get into trouble and they get to the very end of their life and say I'm still going to church. Aren't you pleased? ... [Laughter] ... But you see a king doesn't think that way. A king says I can never sit in a pew and that's it for my life. I have to be advancing the kingdom. What has God put in my way? What could I do? What could I give? How could I advance the kingdom of God? How can I touch someone's life? How can I grow my resources? So kings of course - see servants always have a poverty mentality, never got enough, but a king's not thinking that way. A king's thinking how can I multiply my resources? Don't want to live off a wage all my life. I really need to get busy here and find some ways, creative ways I can make money! I've got a kingdom to advance and it's going to take some money to do it - so I want to grow in wealth so I have abundance to give to others! That's how kings think. Jesus was never a poor man.

Okay and I'll give you the last one here. You're not going to like this one. I know you're not going to like this one. You're definitely not going to like this one. Here it is: A servant, a person who thinks like a servant, is waiting for revival - one day, soon. I heard that 30 years ago. One day, soon. So this is what you should do. You should pray and wait. ... [Laughter] ... That's the fruit of it. That is the fruit if you go down that route too far. I believe in revival. I believe God revives people, raises them up, puts His spirit in them, anoints them, puts vision and passions in their heart and wants them like a king to be busy with what they have! Be busy with what God has given them! Be busy with their entrustment, growing and expanding their giftings, training, taking initiative to do things instead of waiting - for one day it'll be better. No, one day you'll be old and die. ... [Laughter] ... That's what'll happen and your day will have gone. This IS your day! THIS IS YOUR DAY! No more thinking like a slave! No more thinking like a servant! Transform the thinking to think like a king, to walk like a king in nobility and dignity, to treat people with a heart to see them prosper and advance, to look after the interests of people that God brings into your world, to find ways to serve, create wealth, create resources, multiply, increase! This is how kings think. This is the thinking God is bringing into the nation of the earth right now.

This is one of the worst things that happened was about 150 years ago, come out of teaching the rapture, that you hang on until the end and then whisk! Up you go and the rest all burn! ... [Laughter] ... That is the most horrible, horrible thing I've ever heard. Survive and then escape and those wicked sinners will be all burnt up and that's what they deserve and they're gonna get theirs! So as a result of that you had a church and it's like a boxing ring with a little fella and a big fella and the big fella's beating the other one and pummelling him around the ring, beats him up and pushes him around the ring, beats him until he's black and blue but he hangs on and he won't give up. He hangs on and he won't give up and he hangs on round after round after round. Finally the tenth bell rings and a hook comes down from out of the sky, hooks the little fella and says he's the winner. ... [Laughter] ... Now this is just nonsense. He's not the winner. God's plan is something different. God's plan is an overcoming church. You read the Book of Daniel, read the Book of Daniel, read the Book of Revelation. It's not all about evil things. It's about a rock, not formed with human hands, becoming a mountain that fills the whole earth. It's about God's kingdom advancing right through the whole world. It says all nations shall come to the glory. Nations shall flow into the house of God. Why will they do that? Because it's the primary influence in the world!