Servants or Kings (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Here's another thing. The servant buries their own dreams and desires so they can serve, meet needs and please. A servant will bury all their dreams and desires. Now let me ask you this; Think if you were God for a moment and you designed a plan for every person before they came into this world. Think about that. The Bible says we're created for works that He prepared before we were born, in Ephesians 2:10. So now how are we going to get that person you have designed, how do you get them to connect to the plan you have for them? How are we going to do it? Just think about how God's going to do it.

Here's the first thing He does. He puts a desire and a passion in them. It's in their hearts. They have desires. They have dreams, they have passions. When they do what they're called to do, man they fire up and become energetic see? The second way is puts His Holy Spirit in to direct you, primarily if you're going off course. Now if you only wait and listen for the Holy Spirit you'll become a slave. You won't actually arise and take responsibility God has put in your heart dreams, desires, passions, destiny to fulfil. So many believers never connect to their dreams, desires and passions and never get a fulfilled life. They get a servant life doing what I'm told, waiting for God to tell me what to do next, so there's another difference you see. So a servant is relatively passive, waiting for instructions, whereas a king takes initiative and plans how he can advance his territory.

A servant is so worried about getting it wrong and getting punished he won't do anything until he gets an instruction, whereas a king says man, risk and failure are part of the deal. We're going to have a go anyway. Come on, think about it. Think about it. Religion keeps people as slaves. Jesus came to set us free - so here's another thing then. So we saw then that a servant would tend to be passive and powerless and waiting to be hold, whereas the king is proactive. He's thinking now what's some ways, you see? So the servant will be praying for God to tell him what to do. God would say you're creative, got ideas. Why don't you find out what ideas you've got and what resources you've got and try something? It might be a shock. It might work. If it doesn't work I'll help you out and mistakes aren't fatal in the kingdom because there's no condemnation of those in Christ Jesus. Ha ha ha! You can step out and have a go - if you're a king, because a king can step out and have a go! It's the servants can't. They're terrified they'll get it wrong. They live under the bondage of fear, whereas a king says well I'm going to have a go anyway and if it doesn't work out what did we learn? Okay, up and at it, we'll go ahead. Come on man!

A servant has a sense of entitlement - well I've done this for God, so therefore this should happen. I paid my tithe but nothing happened. ... [Laughter] ... I'm not going to tithe any more. I hate God. I'm resentful for Him not coming through like I expected Him to. Grrr! You know someone like that don't you? I know you know someone like that. They end up in resentment and anger because what they feel entitled to they don't get, whereas a king has a sense of responsibility. They have a sense of responsibility. I've got some things here I can do, so a king would look at the church and say man, I've got giftings here. What can I do to help build people? The servant says well what's the church going to do for me? How's it going to help me get out of my hole? Come on, give us a break. Get out of that thinking. It's a victim thinking. It's a victim thinking.