Servants or Kings (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Okay then, so let's have a look in John 13, we'll go back into there and you see Jesus is a servant king. He's not a servant. His identity never was servant. His identity always is He is a king. It says in Chapter 13 and Jesus, it said knowing that His hour had come - Verse 1 - that He would depart from this world to His Father, having loved His own that were in the world, He loved them to the end. The supper being ended and the devil put it into the heart of Judas, Simon's son, to betray Him - now notice this; Jesus, knowing what He had - knowing what the Father had given to Him, knowing where He'd come from, His origin. He came from God - knowing where He was going, He was going to God. Now where have you come from? See? Oh, I come from Dannevirke. I was born there. NO! Come on. You haven't renewed your mind yet. You have been born from above. Your citizenship, the place you belong, is in heaven with God. You are born from above. You are a citizen of Him. Where have you come from? You've come from heaven. Where are you going? Going to heaven. Where are you from? You're from a royal family and you're going back into that royal family and you are royal seed on the earth. Do you look like it? No, not at all, but then David didn't look like a king when he was running around and everyone was chasing him. Joseph didn't look like a king when he was going through some hard times.

Whether you look like a king or feel like a king is not the point. God says you are that by divine birth. You have royal blood inside you, God's blood, God's DNA. So Jesus was a king. He knew who He was. He knew His identity. He was a king and He knew it.

When you read the scriptures you'll find (and it almost was there today in what Amanda read) in Matthew 2:2, the wise men came and they said who's he who's born king? You follow through the scriptures and Pilot says to Him in John 18, are you king? He says too right I am. I am king. When He died on the cross they wrote something up on top of Him. It was called Jesus of Nazareth, king, king of the Jews. The Bible shows in the Book of Revelation He's there, He's the king of kings. He was always king. He never changed His kingly nature, never changed His kingly seed, never changed in His death. When He came into this earth He was born as a king in the earth. He knew who He was. He knew where He came from, knew where He was going and knew His realm of domain, His mission and assignment in this world, and He came to elevate and raise others to become kings like Him. He would be the first among kings, kings like Him that would advance the kingdom of God.

Now the problem is if you have a religious mindset you'll think like a servant. Jesus came to advance the kingdom of God. He demonstrated kingly behaviour and raised their status. Now the kings of this world act and think differently to the kings in the kingdom of heaven. In the kingdoms of this world you'll notice that position is important. Rank is important. Privileges are important, titles are important, power is important - so in the kingdoms of this world it's very concerned with position, titles, power, privileges that go with kingship, all of those kinds of things. The kingdom of heaven is not like that at all. It is not concerned with position. It's not concerned with title, it's not concerned with privileges, it's not concerned with people waiting on them. It's not concerned with any such things.

Jesus said in Matthew 20, the kings of this world exercise dominion and lordship and control people and exercise authority and turn them into servants, doing their will, fulfilling their vision. But He said it shall not be so among you. You shall not think or behave or operate in that paradigm or way, yet so often we find among Christians the biggest things are their positions, their titles - all those kinds of things are very important to some people. You know why they're important? They don't know who they are.