Servants or Kings (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Many Christians are addicted to coming up and getting prophetic words. Why? They want someone else to hear God for them and tell them what to do with their life. It becomes another form of divination, instead of being responsible to listen to God. One of the foundational things in your life is to know who you are and then to connect with the one who has called you to Himself. All ministry, all leadership is to build people to Christ. He is the head. This is the first thing.

The second thing is you'll find if you look up in 1 Samuel, Chapter 8, and then again in 1 Samuel, Chapter 12, you'll find this is what happened. They looked around and they saw that the other nations around them had a king and they said give us too. We want to be like everyone else. Give us someone to rule over us - and God was very upset. He said but I rule over you. This is a kingdom where I'm in charge, you all hear me and I give you direction. I don't want you to have someone over you. They said give us a king anyway. He said well okay, I'll tell you what the king will be like. He will take from you. He'll take taxes. He'll extract from you and then he'll tell you what to do. Oh, we want that. We want that - and God was so displeased, now get this - number one, the first thing that happened was six times, it says he will take from you. It'll be a one way street when you put someone to be what God intended - a role God intended you to take. We're not to become dependent on people. We're to recognise the giftings of one another, but no one should ever be a substitute for the kingship of the Lord in our life, no one. ... [Applause] ... No one. No one, because He said it'll take something from you. Second thing that happened was they lost their harvest. They lost their harvest.

If you let someone take over charge of your life telling you what to do, you will lose your dreams and your destiny and your harvest. You see God's plan is not for us all just to be gathered in a church. We're to be gathered and mobilised into the community to fulfil dreams and desires and to activate the kingdom of God, to advance the kingdom of God. So if you do not value your relationship with God and let someone do your praying for you, someone else do it for you and you don't value the dreams and desires in your heart, then what'll happen is you'll never fulfil what God called you for. This is where so many people are. So many people are trapped in this place.

I'm finding God is bringing a revelation to the church. It's about His kingdom. It's about Him working through you, changing lives around you. Everyone is called to that. Everyone's called, so we've got to break it. Let me just share a few simple things that are just the difference between a servant and a king and we'll just finish up with that.

Servants must break out of slave mentalities. I want to share a couple of meetings with you or teachings with you to help you understand and recognise victim thinking or slave thinking. Slaves think a certain way and not only do they think a certain way, they talk a certain way. Here's a typical example; well, stuff happens. That's a slave mentality. It's not kingdom mentality - comes out of a heart that's resigned that stuff happens and we can't do anything about it. It's not a kingly statement. It tells something about a heart that's still in bondage. I want to share some of these things to help you recognise it. Once you get a few things about how people talk when they're in slave mentality you're going to pick this up everywhere. You're going to start to hear victim, victim, victim, victim, victim. Everywhere you go you'll hear victim talk and the thing is to make sure that you break out of victim talk and begin to start to speak and think and act like a king you are. Amen. Amen!