Servants or Kings (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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How can you tell a person's a child? They live under rules. Do this. Don't do that. Their role: listen and obey. It's great for children to learn to listen and obey, in fact if you don't listen and obey you're going to grow up to be a monstrous teenager. So one of the first primary tasks is for children to learn to listen and obey.

Now notice what He says, that when you live under law, do's and don'ts, you have to do this, you can't do that, you're not allowed to do this, you must do that - when you live under laws. He's saying when you live under religion you remain a slave and you can't access what God has provided for your inheritance, the supernatural, miracles, dreams, visions, abundance, breakthroughs, enlargement, new territory. You can't get it if you live under religion. It's impossible. That's what He's saying. Now the dilemma is of course we just apply that to everyone else.

So when the fullness of time came God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law - notice redeem, to completely purchase us out from being bonded to law-keeping and bring us into instead placement as a son. A son is different to a slave. A slave has got rules and laws and they're told to do this, told to do that and they do it and they get punished if they don't. A son has relationship. A son enters into connection with the heart of his father. A son catches his father's businesses and shares his fathers concern. A son also has dreams of his own. A son also has desires of their own. A son talks with his father about how the dreams and desires can be fulfilled. Think about that.

Now we need to learn from Israel's history because Israel were called to be like that. Israel, my first born son. God wanted them to come into the liberty of an inheritance, so He got them out of Egypt where they were in bondage. They trusted in the blood, they came out of Egypt, they walked through the wilderness. Now there are two things they did which are very, very significant and we won't look them up. I'll give you the reference for them. The first one is in Exodus 19. In Exodus 19 God Himself came down and glory on a mount and He wanted the people to come and connect intimately face to face with Him. In Exodus 20 they said Moses, this is too scary. You go and represent us. So the first thing they did was they drew back from intimacy with God and replaced it with someone going to God and telling them what God had for them. They replaced it with a person.

God wanted them to be a nation of priests. He wanted them to be a royal kingdom where they all had access to Him and when they would not come near to Him He had to change the plan. Every person here is called to personal relationship with God. You are not designed to live off sermons week to week. They can be helpful. They can be constructive. They can build, they can motivate, they can reveal truth, but you're not made to live like that. Man shall not live by bread alone. Every word God is speaking to them, God has designed you to live from a flow of revelation, designed you to live out of a personal walk with Him. No personal walk with Him, you have become a slave immediately. Personal walk with God, intimacy, relationship, listening, hearing, communing with Him, sharing your heart, your dreams, your desires, beginning to draw instructional wisdom from Him - this is how He wanted Israel to be, but they didn't want that. They wanted someone to hear God and tell them what God was saying.