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Mike Connell

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And we thank You Lord for grace in our lives to flush the things out, and we're saying Holy Ghost, come into our midst, begin to flush these things out. Whatever has fed them, whatever hurt and grief and sorrow, flush it out Lord, and Lord, wherever we've built the fantasies and imaginations, Lord we stand and commit to tear them down in the power of the Holy Ghost. And we ask for Your grace to do it. Listen, just before we finish I wonder is there any person here today who's never received Jesus Christ? The most powerful way your life can change is to realise Jesus Christ came here to help you change. There's a power called sin at work that stops us, even though we try and make these good intentions. But the power of God can set you free. If you're here today you need to know Jesus Christ. If you've not already given your life to Him, this is the day to receive Him.

Every person who received Jesus He gave power to be a child of God by trusting in Him. I wonder is there any person here right now, you're not a Christian, you say I want to become a Christian, I want to give my life to Jesus? Why don't you quickly raise your hand right now, just let me see? I'd love to pray with you. I'd love to invite you to come to Christ, to experience Him [unclear 00.40.10], any person here today, quickly raise your hand. Is there anyone here today? Anyone here today, just let me know. Wow. Well Father, I just thank You for such a big response today concerning vain imaginations, fantasies, and I'm asking that over this coming week that You will begin to break open the ground of people's hearts as we fast and pray and push against these things. Father, as we come Lord in the coming week I pray there'd be a mighty deliverance and a breakthrough over the weekend at the Freedom Retreat, and on Sunday morning. I pray Lord that next weekend will be a breaking out and a breaking open the foundations that have held people locked up. Father, we believe for Your spirit to move as we do the groundwork and prepare.

Church, I encourage you, if you put your hand up and know there's some area, fast this week. Just do some fasting. Push into God and say Lord, how long has this thing been there? What is it? Show me what it exactly is. Write it down, what you dream about, where you go, what you think about, what that fantasy is, where it ends up. Write it down. How long has it been like that, and how strongly have I got this thing on my life? If I need to cut I'll cut TV off this week. I'll cut internet off. I'll cut off the things I've done that fed this thing and I'll see what rises up inside me. I've determined to make a stand like Gideon and pull down that family altar that for generations has held my family from the destiny of God. Is that you? Is that you? Do it this week. Do it. Do it. Father, I pray Your grace to do it in Jesus' mighty name. Everyone said [Amen!] Come on, let's give the Lord a clap and [applause] thank Him that at the cross of Calvary He broke the power of sin. He broke the power of the devil. He broke the power of seducing spirits, and He called you and me to live a life that's powerful and strong; a life that's faith-led, vision led, led by the spirit of God and not by some vain imagination and fantasy.

Come on, let's rise up. Come on, let's give Him a clap. Let's give Him a clap [applause] [unclear 00.42.30]. I exalt You, I exalt You. Let's lift Him up. Father, in Jesus' name we tear down every stronghold exalting itself against the knowledge of Jesus. We ask You to expose it in our lives and empower everyone in this church to break through it. Yes, I exalt You.

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