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Fantasy, an addictive drug (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

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You know someone like that don't you? [Laughs] How many of you actually have dreamed you know, of being in some situation where you're the hero and you win, everyone notices you? See, that would be one some guys would have - or it's the sports team and I got the winning goal! See? Or you had a bad move and then you go back over it and over it in your mind and replay how you could have played it [laughter] and you notice when you replay how you could have played it you always win? Have you noticed that? And everyone cheers. [Laughs] You feel good! See, fantasies. See there's more to them than meets the eye and so those are some kinds of fantasies people have. There's another area people have. I was starting to think of where people have them. People have fantasies about money and wealth. They keep dreaming about that car, about that house, about that boat and away it all goes - or about being important, having some great position. Or if you're a woman you probably have romantic fantasies about some wonderful husband one day. [Laughter]

He's just like Jesus it turns out. [Laughter] And so you have this fantasy that the one you'll marry will be different to everyone else's person because they will be just so beautiful and wonderful, and it's a fantasy. There's no man can match that fantasy. The fantasy's totally under your control. Real men aren't like that. [Laughter] I'm sorry - and so they go through their life and lots of potential men come along, and then they just ignore the potential men because they've matched it with the fantasy. [Laughter] It doesn't match. You can see too many holes. Well listen, there's no man is perfect. You might as well find that out now. The period before you marry him is the great deception; after you marry him you'll find out what he's really like - and that works both ways too. So guys fantasise and their fantasies are usually about power and control, and about winning and victory and conquering, so they often have a sexual nature to them. That takes you into bad places. Women need to know that's what goes on in men's heads, away they go. They're gone in a bad, bad, bad, bad place, but it's actually coming out of rejection and hurt and trying to come into a place of power and control. It goes on.

People have religious fantasies and in the religious fantasy they're a great minister of the power of God. They've got all these kinds of things goes around them, but at the end of that when you watch what they're doing it doesn't match up. The fantasy world is a wonderful place that you can hide from living life, so fantasy can be a way where you can move to - your imagination can be used to creatively look at your future and begin to plan how you can shape it. Or your fantasy can be a place where you escape because you're hurt and have got struggles inside. Okay then, you've all gone quiet now. Its okay, come on. We all have them. There isn't anyone - man, I daydreamed my way all through school. I just remember daydreaming all the time away. I talked to dad about it. He said I didn't know where you were all that time. No one could ever connect with you - so fantasies are very, very powerful in the effect they have on our life. But when you're in it you don't realise what it's doing to you, and so that's why the Bible talks, you know, we need powerful weapons to pull these things down and to stop them.

So there's some fantasies okay, and usually fantasies can be attempt to heal the wounds that we feel, the pain we feel. They can be an attempt to gain power or to make up for some lack we have. They can be all kinds of things, but they can be very, very powerful, very, very powerful. So when men go into a fantasy world where there's sexual things as we'll see just shortly, it's because there's no fear of rejection. You're in an imaginary world where you have all you want and no one's saying no, and you're in control. There's no reality in it at all - imaginary, it's not real. It's fantasy. And the trouble is when you live there then you can't live in the real world. You've got to come out of that fantasy world and re-engage real life, and so whatever fantasies we have, whether they be religious, sexual, financial, all kinds of things, if we're living in a fantasy world with vain imaginations, that will be exalting themselves against you knowing and walking in your destiny. You have to deal with it.