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Fantasy, an addictive drug (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Ask yourself what happened? It's the same with movies. Now what happens is - this is what the Lord showed me, very, very clever. He said when you watch a movie and of course TV's just a movie kind of deal. When you watch a movie you've got to realise someone has created a fantasy they want you to pay money to enter into, and they were mostly not Christians so therefore their fantasy was not a Godly fantasy. When they create the picture here's something that they can do. With the movies and with the media like that, what they can do is this; they can turn you into a voyeur. A voyeur is someone who peeps in on someone else doing something, so without realising when you sit at the screen and you begin to be drawn into that thing, they create the story so you begin to identify with the characters. Before you know it you are emotionally entangled and drawn in. You've identified with them. You're living in their world, and then when you're in that world if you get two people and they're making love you're actually able to stand in the bedroom and look in at people what they're doing. You don't get anywhere to do that in life. They arrest you, put you in jail.

But they create in the movies the opportunity for you to do that, and when you do that you get drawn in and you begin to fellowship with the spirit that's involved. If you don't watch you'll open your life and you can then become invaded by that same spirit, spirit of adultery, spirit of violent rape or whatever, those kinds of things. All kinds of stuff comes. Most of the movies, if anything bad happens, whether it's violent or anything else, I just close my eyes. I don't want the picture. I just don't want the picture, so I'll just go [unclear 00.24.37]. [Laughter] I know it's a bit limp but I just don't want the picture, it takes me too long to get it out. I can't be bothered. I'd rather not have the picture. In the old days they didn't put it all in. They actually edited it out and you never saw the violence and you never saw the sex. You just had implications of it. That's different to actually seeing it. When you see it you've seen it and you can't get the picture out. It's in the file. You've got to be cleansed. You getting the idea?

So they can create it. In Romans 1:32 - won't look it up but it talks about those who not only partake with sin, but actually rejoice with those who do these things [unclear 00.25.14] games, fantasy games. A fantasy game is a game where you take on a character. Now parents may not even be aware of this stuff but your kids probably know all about it, and what happens is they get into a game. Years ago it used to be Dungeons and Dragons was one of the first ones that came out, but now [unclear 00.25.28] so what happens is you find yourself identifying with the characters in the movie and you're drawn into the whole thing. You open your life to all kinds of unusual things. Another area is the area of - so they've got books, TV, movies, comics. Now the comics in my day used to be Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and the Phantom. I liked the Phantom, he was great. But nowadays I don't know where the Phantom is. He's gone I think. I went into a comic shop the other day down the road there, down in the main street.

Goodness me, I've never seen anything like it in my life - R18 comics! Unbelievable stuff. Just a cultic sorcery, sexual violence, all kinds of things, dreadful stuff and yet there it is. People are taking it onboard, and I know in some places people get addicted to comics. Another is the area of the internet, the chat rooms. I don't know how many marriages I've heard failed because someone got into a chat room and got into a fantasy relationship with someone somewhere away. Then in the end the spirit of adultery came round them because they shared their heart with that person, and they didn't realise a seducing spirit was coming on the internet. Now about 10 years ago the Lord told me the internet's going to be a channel for seducing spirits to come into homes without anyone realising it. That's why you've got to guard and set boundaries around the internet, watching for your family because they don't know what they'll get connected up to.