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Fantasy, an addictive drug (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

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There's another one there and that's the area of fantasy [unclear 00.26.46] any sophisticated variations of it, but what happens in these games is you take on an identity and through accomplishing certain things you gain certain powers. Actually now it's developed to another level. It's developed to the level now where you can go live and you have a headset on and you're now speaking the things out into this imaginary arena where you're involved in conflict with people from around the world. It's become incredibly sophisticated, and when you get into those games you take on a name, an identity and you open yourself to the demon behind it. When I was in Singapore this last time I shared some stuff on that. I got a young man to come up and he said he'd been totally addicted to the game. When he came up I got him to renounce the game and renounce the identity that he had taken in the game, and he manifested as he renounced it and had a massive deliverance. Who says fantasy isn't powerful? This opened the door for him to come in and it clearly was a broken person, needed help and that kind of thing.

So of course there's all these sorts of areas and now you've got these fantasy worlds. See some of the parents are not even up with what's going on. You have a look at many of the stories that are coming, you've got all these fantasy worlds. There's Neverland, there's Narnia, there's Middle Earth, there's all these fantasy worlds that are being created in someone's imagination, and then when young people get on the internet they can get into this area, open the doorways for demons to come in and afflict them. Hey, isn't it a great day we live in aye? [Laughs] Glory to God. You wouldn't have heard of second life would you? [Laughter] Second life is where you enter the internet, take on another identity, go into another world and create and live in another world where there's buying and selling. And you have another marriage and there's pornography in there as well. It's unbelievable. This is the world we're in now; in the last days seducing spirits. Interesting isn't it?

We need to understand what's happening so we can - then I'll get right down to where it affects you in a moment. Another area is the area of pornography. Behind pornography is an - this is what the Lord told me. He said behind pornography is one of the ancient gods. You ever read through the Bible and wondered what it was that caused Israel to go after idols all the time? We read it in the 21st Century; what is up with these people? You know, God blesses them, God's kind to them and next thing you know they're whipping away there and off with idols. What is that all about? And interestingly enough in Numbers 25, when they wanted to get them off the course they just sent women in to sleep with them and get them onto idols. Once they're on the idols then away they go, they're lost again. And so the Lord spoke to me and He said the spirit behind the idols in the Old Testament is the same spirit that's behind pornography in the 21st Century, and it's a powerful thing.

It's a spirit of whoredom, a spirit of prostitution, so when a person is involved in pornography they pay money to watch someone do things and what happens is they are now entering into a financial agreement with a prostitute. The spirit of prostitution comes over their life and they're addicted, and it has a tremendous draw for two reasons; one, because it's a spirit behind it is pulling on people just like they did in the Old Testament, and like the Old Testament idols has to be torn down, and the second one is that emotional rejection or pain or woundedness will cause people to feel good and comforted in that fantasy world. They want to enter it to feel better instead of forming substantial relationships. In Ezekiel 8:12 it says see what they do in the dark in the chambers of their imagination; Ezekiel 8:12, see what they do in the dark in the chambers of their imagination. All the rooms of their imagination they've got these idols or pictures on the walls. What a classic picture in the Old Testament of modern day pornography. Hey, fantasies in the last days. This is the modern day fantasies; old days it was an idol. Oh, we wouldn't go for that. We've got our own different ones these days, just flick a switch and you're there.