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Fantasy, an addictive drug (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

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It's not the only step to dealing with it, because I need to let go not just the sin itself, the fantasy itself, the soul ties and attachments, the familiar spirits. I've got to abandon the whole thing, and you may not realise how addicted you are until you actually try to get rid of it. So thirdly I've got to remove the fantasy at its roots. I've got to remove it. Now that's the more difficult part. Here's what I suggest you do. I suggest you fast. If you want to root something out get into fasting. Fasting can expose and uncover things really, really easy. In Judges 6:26, Samson tore down the idol. He just literally went and he ripped the whole thing down and built a place of altar to the Lord, and God changed his name and he was anointed to begin to move into his destiny. So somewhere if our life has been sabotaged by fantasies, sabotaged by daydreaming, sabotaged by woundings in the soul, we've got to go there and tear that thing down. He got up in the night and he took people with him to help him because he was a bit afraid to deal with it.

If you can't deal with it yourself get some help for someone to deal with it and tear down that fantasy! Tear down that thing that you go to! Tear down the thing right at the roots of it! Confront the spirit that's hooked into you, trying to take you out of your destiny! See and we'll share with you some of the weapons we've got to do it next week. See, so fasting and prayer can expose the root and usually what people need is deliverance and healing, because many times you find that people are out in fantasy world - I was there because I was rejected. I was lonely, hurt and rejected and it was no use saying stop daydreaming. I couldn't help it. I just wanted to go there because everything else was painful. What I needed to do was address the real problem; hurt, rejected, you need to forgive. You need to face the feelings, grieve over them and get out of it. Unless you do it that way you don't really get out of it. You have a fix over the top and your fantasy is just a method of controlling your world.

The last thing then is we need to replace the fantasy with the truth. We've got to put the truth about what God says. We need truth. The truth will set you free. The Bible says renew your mind and you become a changed person, so as we see that how many people can say man, God is speaking to me today? Whoa! Come back. How many went away while I was talking? [Laughter] Some did. Good on you for being honest. One did. One admitted they'd gone away. That's alright, just tap her and say come back, come back. [Laughs] I've had to do that to some people; come back, come back, you're gone. [Laughs] It's okay. But listen, how many people felt God's convicting you inside, there's something in your life you need to tear down, something - a place of escape, a place that's really actually got you gripped? Maybe it's some program, addictive program. Man, I used to get into that sci-fi programs, have to run home and watch these things. Crazy stuff.

Just finding ways of escape into a fantasy world, but it's a spirit behind it. What if we were to be delivered of that thing and to break into new dimensions in our mind and our thinking, of seeing the dreams of God for our life, of seeing the possibilities of faith, what could be instead of going away and creating a fantasy world that'll never be true? I wonder how many people know God's speaking to you today. Just raise your hand right now, just acknowledge today God is speaking to me today. Father, I thank You right now, each and every person that's responded. Just close our eyes for a moment. Lord, we need Your help. You've said in the last days of seducing spirits, powerful forces that would enter the world to take us out of the calling of God. And Lord, today as we come before You we acknowledge together as a body of people that we have not fully pursued You. We've not loved You with all our heart and all our soul and all our mind. In parts of our mind we've had idols, things lifted up which have opposed us walking with You, knowing You and going forward with You.