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As You Love Yourself (4 of 6)

Mike Connell

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Now here's the thing. When you start to serve them and help them, and they come into your world, and you go into their world, what happens is their world threatens to engulf yours and absolutely bring chaos - unless you can hold boundaries, see? Then one of the problems people face in wanting to reach out to the world is, you've got to be able to define who you are, clearly and strongly, and then hold boundaries that you hold other people to, otherwise their problems will engulf you, and your life falls apart, and you can't hold together your marriage, your finances, anything. Everything falls apart, because you're trying to do some things in the name of Jesus. It looks good, but it's chaotic, because the chaos has come out of an internal wiring that's not right, I need to do this, so I'll feel good about myself. You can't be motivated that - we're moved by the love of Christ. He loves us, and we're valuable, and as we become whole, we give more and more, and we learn how to build better and greater relationships. We can serve much better. Our capacity grows much more.

How many felt God speaking to you this morning? Man, He spoke to me. I was pretty wiped out by my own message. I've been up since two this morning, over it and over and over and over, thinking oh Jesus help me. Then I repented. It's good for me, good to repent, good for us to repent. Why don't we just close our eyes right now. Perhaps there's someone here today, and you haven't even opened your life yet to Jesus. The Bible tells us that God loves you very deeply. Doug was talking about you being so very loved by God. You know it is true, He loves you, and it's something you can experience, very tangible, but the first way we experience it is when we come into a meeting, we sort of feel that something's here, and it touches us. Maybe we feel a bit tearful. It's just the spirit of God, but the reality is this, that you are separated from God, that God is on the outside of you, not on the inside. That's because you're living your life without God, but Jesus made a way for you and I to come near to Him, and a very simple way. He said everyone who believed in Him, believed that He died on the cross and rose again, believed that He died for our sins, every person who put their trust in Christ, and gave their life to Him, He gave them the right to become a child of God.