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As You Love Yourself (4 of 6)

Mike Connell

So you find your value - to find your value that way, you have to begin to meditate in that, and begin to start to draw from the word of God the reality that I am loved by God, because I've been made in His image and likeness. He loves people. He made us to enjoy, so I'm a person that is loveable by God - not because I've got everything right inside me, but because God is loving, and He loves me. I'm a loveable person, see? So it may be I don't get on so well with people, I've got some glitches in my character, but it doesn't stop the truth, the reality spiritually is, I am absolutely, totally loved by God, and so are you, all the time. It doesn't change. Sin didn't change it. God just provided a redeemer. Here's the second reason that you are so valuable and so important and such a precious, unique person, found in 1 Peter 1, Verses 18 and 19. It says we are not redeemed by things which are corruptible such as silver and gold, but by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Now here's the second reason that you are so valuable. It is because of the price that God was willing to put on you. Now it says silver and gold, well if we had a bit of silver and gold we'd be really happy. We kind of like the silver - give me the gold! We kind of love to have a bit of gold, I like gold you know, but the Bible calls it corruptible stuff. Heaven's paved with it, it's just they use it for the roading up there. [Laughter] You walk on it, see. That's how important it is in heaven, see? But He said you were purchased or redeemed. That means someone paid a price to get you out of captivity, and it was more precious than all the gold. There's not enough gold in the world to pay the price for you to be redeemed. It took God Himself to come down from heaven in a human form, and to give His life, and shed His blood, and that blood is precious, more than all the gold, more than all the silver! That's the price He put on you!

Did you ever see that road show auction thing they have, and people bring out their junk, and then the guy goes and has a look at it, and what looks like a piece of old junk to you and me and the guy says oh, well that one there's worth about £4,000. You go what! How can it be worth so much? You think how can it be worth so much? Because someone's willing to pay that much for it, it must be valuable. Oh, I didn't think much of it, I would have thrown it out, thought it was old junk and it's true, people do that. They don't understand the value of things. Now the value placed on your head, if you were wanted alive, is the blood of Jesus Christ. You are valuable because of that, so if you meditate in those truths, and start to separate your value from being around you, and what you own, what people say about you, and what you're doing, and start to be begin to internalise through meditation as we've shown you, that you are valuable to God, a unique spiritual being, absolutely unique. There's no one like you. You're a unique production from heaven, an eternal being, with an eternal purpose in God. How more valuable can you get!

So while the people down there don't think I'm very good, at work they don't think much of me, okay, they're entitled to their opinions. That doesn't change spiritual reality, so you have to build a foundation in your life of a spiritual reality, who I am, what I am, I am what God says. I don't feel like it - doesn't matter what I feel. What God says is the truth and about me and you! So we need to get into that - so on what do you base your value? We have to base our value on what God says. We need to learn to get inside us the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, the almighty power of God is in my spirit, I am joined to the eternal God - need to become conscious of that, so my value continually is referenced to what God says. Now that provides a tremendous foundation for you to live out your life, and to engage relationships.

We're going to get a little more specific soon, because there's some things you'll need to get on to, so we need to base ourself on the word of God. Now humility, Bible humility means to agree with God, so to be humble biblically speaking, doesn't mean you're not bold and strong and all that, doesn't mean you walk around oh, oh, you know, sort of down - that's what we kind of think it means, but humility, biblical humility, means I agree with God. If God says I'm an over comer, I'm an over comer. If God says I've got it in me to win, I've got it in me to win. I will agree with God. If God says that's sin, it's sin. Now that's humility agreeing with the word of God. That's why you cannot just live your life from experiences, you must have a foundation of the word of God that develops your experiences into some substance in your life. So many people just live out of the latest thoughts that come into their head, and they don't ever stop to think whether that thought was God or not.