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As You Love Yourself (4 of 6)

Mike Connell

You need to discover not just what God said. You need to just find what are your feelings? Do you have feelings? Are you able to identify your feelings, and own your feelings? What about your thoughts? Are you able to identify what your thoughts are? Are you able to, you know, this is what I think? What about your attitudes; do you know what your attitudes are, because these are the things that'll govern how your life goes. Do you know what you like? What you don't like? Do you know what desires you have in your heart? Do you know what dreams you have in your heart? Oh well I just want to serve God. God's put some dreams in your heart. What are the dreams He put in your heart? Serving God will outwork what He's put in you, and the way He's wired you. You've got to discover those dreams. What do you really like? What do you really hate? What gets you fired up with passion and energises you? What drains you of energy?

You start to ask these questions, you begin to discover who you really are. A lot of people don't ask that, and then they're always living in vagueness about what they're really supposed to be doing with their life. Usually these things show up very young, and parents can help you. What are your values that you live by? Do you have any things you value? Now we need to ask these kinds of questions. You ask these kinds of questions, you discover what you are, and what you'll find is, some of your thoughts are good, some of them not so good. Some of your feelings, you need to work out how you got into that state, but in all of it, you need to actually bring these things by the word of God, and allow the word of God to be the measure as to whether these things come from God, or come from just out of your old life. It's not hard. A lot of people, every thought that comes into their head, they think it's God. It isn't always. It comes from the devil sometimes, comes from your old life sometimes. You've got to actually run it by the word of God.

So Jesus made it very clear in speaking - now here's an interesting thing - with Peter. One minute Peter's getting revelation; oh, You're Christ, the Son of the Living God. Next minute he's saying, pity Yourself, and Jesus rebukes him and said, that's a devil. The devil's manifesting through you. How could he shift from one to the other like that? Because he never filtered his thoughts with the word of God, never actually thought through what his thoughts were, and maybe where they were coming from, and whether they needed to be changed, so he just reacted naturally. So one of the ways we discover about ourself, and discover who we are, we begin to discover what we're good at, what we're not so good at, what we're gifted at, what we're not gifted at. This is an important part of your life discovering these things, discovering how you're wired, how God has set you up. When you discover these things about yourself, then the things that need to change you can begin to work them; things you need to develop, you can develop, but if you don't ask these questions, you don't know who you are.

A lot of people live their life completely covered over, so you never know who they are, and sometimes they don't even know what's going on in their own life. They're frightened to ask the questions, because some of the feelings that might come up are so bad, I can't do that anymore. Why do you work so long? Why do you work so hard? Why are you doing this? What is motivating that? What is driving you, that your whole life's out of balance, you work like that? What is driving you to that addiction? What is going on? Who are you? What is going on inside you? See, these are questions you ask, and you discover about your inner life, and some of these things need healing and restoring, but the interesting thing is good and bad, God loves you all, and He's able to live with the good and bad, and help you journey through. He'll just accept you, and give you grace, and then help you grow and change, but if you don't actually look into these things, you'll never know who you are, and what kind of person you are. See? You all got so quiet. Well, there you go.