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As You Love Yourself (4 of 6)

Mike Connell

The second way, I need to learn to communicate that to other people, need to communicate who you are to others. First of all, sorry, I didn't give a scripture. John 13, Verse 3, it says that Jesus, knowing He was come from the Father, knowing He went to the Father, and what the Father had given Him, then He served. He washed the feet of everyone. Isn't that amazing scripture? He knew His identity. He knew exactly who He was. He knew His value, and knowing His value, this is what His value was. He came out of heaven, came down on the earth, He gave away all His glory, He was the creator of it all, and yet He come along and washed people's feet! How can you wash people's feet when you're so important? Very simply, He had a good esteem. He found it in the will of God, and in His relationship with the Father, and He could then serve people. That's why you've got to get whole on the inside in your thinking, so you need to also communicate.

In John 6, Verses 63 to 66, Jesus said a few things and the crowd left Him. They walked away. They just rejected Him. But you know something? He communicated truth, He communicated His values, He communicated what He believed. He communicated, and then people could choose, take it or leave it. Many of them left it. Some of them said well, you've got the words of life, we'll follow you. So many times Jesus spoke things, and people didn't like them. Some loved it, some hated it, but He did speak it out. He had the uncanny knack of speaking up, and speaking, and He actually catalysed people, wherever He went. Now of course most Christians, well we like to be too nice, we don't want a lot of upheavals or anything around, but you read and look in the Concordance, and find how often again there was division because of Him.

He said I come to bring a sword, so He brought a word that would cause people - you know sometimes whole crowds argued over Him. Some say He's the Son of God, some said He's the devil. There was always arguments going on around. Why? Because He lived His life out there, and expressed and shared, and was quite open. He even was open about His feelings. He openly shared His feelings anywhere. He was really sad at the death of Lazarus. He shared His grief; I need you to come and be with Me. I want you to be with Me, in this moment of darkness. When I go to the Garden to pray, come and pray with Me, so He was very, very able to speak out what was going on in His life, and what He believed. So if you're going to do that, you have to learn to speak differently see. You need to say things like I think, well this is what I think, rather than well, lots of people think. Is that right, lots of people think that? I can't work with lots of people. What do you think? Lots of people, is a way of not saying what I think, see?

So you've got to start to learn in your communicating to actually start to be more forthright, who we are; I think this, I feel this, I'm disappointed in this, I'm struggling with this, I need this, I desire this, this is my goal, this is my dream. No, I can't do that. Yes, I can do that. Yes, I will. No, I won't. Now that kind of language articulates very clearly, who you are, and where you live. When you do this, this is what I feel, this is how it affects me. This is all communicating in a way that brings you right out front, and out in the open - hard to do, isn't it aye? But that's part of loving yourself. See if you love yourself, and have proper value on yourself, you'll learn that you just can't conceal who you are, what you believe, what you have, and what's going on. You can't conceal it, or you then find yourself struggling. You're dishonest, there's one world out there, and another world inside here. That's not loving yourself.

What happens is, you start to melt down with the struggle of living an outside life, and a different life on the inside, so loving yourself means, I actually have to value what's inside me, and I have to learn how to express it and communicate it to the world around me. Here's another thing then, and that is, you need to invest in your personal growth. In Luke 2, Verses 42 to 47, the Bible tells us Jesus was down there in the Temple at 12, debating with the teachers. Now how could He debate at the age of 12? Simply, He'd spent time memorising scripture. Over all the years up to 12, He'd memorised possibly the whole first five books of the Bible, which many of them did, then He was entering into discussions and debates and whatever with the religious leaders. But here's the point - He was growing and developing. He invested in it. He spent time there doing that.