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Mike Connell

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So when spirits come into our life they can afflict us in many different kinds of ways. They can afflict you in your mind with tormenting thoughts, tormenting memories, tormenting dominating thoughts in your life. They can torment you in your emotions with fears, all kinds of pain and trauma. They can affect you in your body with physical sicknesses. There are many ways they can afflict us. They can afflict us by constantly bringing difficulties and setbacks in our life. So these are ways that spirits come and affect people's lives.

I want to just - I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on this. I want to just give you just a brief rundown of some of the doors of entry and then we're going to start to pray for some people. We'll just finish up just praying for a few people, and I want you just to have - I felt like before I finish tonight, I just want to list the doors of entry, just to get you thinking before you go to bed about your life. Now you don't need to come just tonight in the altar call. If you'd really just prefer I'd like to think about this, and pray about this overnight, and just take what I've heard, that's fine. We'll have altar calls tomorrow. There'll be more than one, and I'll be quite specific what we're praying for - but let me just give you some of the doorways that spirits enter people's lives, and tomorrow we'll develop them just a bit more.

The first one is generational, coming down through your family line - generational, coming through your family line. Just as sicknesses can run in the family, also spiritual problems can run in a family. There can be spirits just pass from one generation to another, especially if there's been occult, sexual sin, sexual perversion, those kinds of things. People are just born with spirits in them, and they start to operate often when they're young, sometimes when they're teenagers and sometimes when they're older. But this is generational. We're called to carry generational blessing, and we can pass generationally physical characteristics. We can pass spiritual characteristics as well, so if a demon has come into a family line - now you think about this - the victory that you secure for yourself over this weekend changes the dynamic in your family line, okay. [Applause] Someone is depending on your breakthrough! Someone is waiting for you to break through! If you're a single person, and you haven't got married, no children yet, then your family ahead of you are waiting for you to break through. It's interesting. Jurgen was speaking tonight about the [Gatereen] how Jesus crossed the waters to get to Gatereen]. The other part of the story is that man's testimony so influenced the whole region, that when Jesus came back, the whole region turned to Him. Isn't that fantastic?

Okay, so one of them is generational inequity, bondage has run down through family line. Another one is involvement in the occult, any kind of occult activity, any kind of engagement activity with the spirit world. We'll talk a bit more about these tomorrow. Another is the area of sin patterns or habits in your life, repeated patterns of sin such as bitterness, forgiveness, hatred, anger, those kinds of things. These create doorways for demons to come, and Jesus even taught it, Matthew 18, that a person who will not forgive from the heart, will be delivered to tormentors, see. And the reason is very simple, is when we come to Him, He extends grace to us. To stay in grace, we have to extend grace, see. To stay in grace, you have to extend grace, so if I extend grace to others, and are forgiving, then I stay in the grace of forgiveness in my own life. Jesus made it very clear, you know, when you stand, pray and forgive, you'll be forgiven. You won't forgive, then you're not forgiven.

The man in that story, Matthew 18, remember how he was forgiven, and then later on the forgiveness seemed to be revoked, and he's now tormented. Why is that? The only reason I could see it is he came into grace, and it was expected of him he would extend grace to stay in grace. So we need to live in grace, not judgement. Okay then, so habits, sin patterns in our life; another is sexual sin. Sexual sin is one of the unique ways and we'll talk about that a bit more tomorrow - is one of the unique doors that opens the way for spirits to come in and torment people. Just as you can get a physical disease when you sleep with someone, have a sexual relationship with them, you can also pick up or open your life to demonic spirits. I'll give you a simple key, and it is very simple, two become one. So legally - see God spoke that. It's not my idea. He said two become one, so when you are sexually joined to someone, God says two become one, so whatever was in the other person's got legal access to you. Think about that - and you have also, if you had a sexual relationship outside marriage, you've opened yourself up to be bonded to someone in an ungodly way, and demons have a right to access you, just because of that.