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Mike Connell

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I had a friend of mine and he was standing at the airport. He was just waiting for somebody, he was watching people coming in, in and out and he just saw this woman come - nicely dressed, power dressed, you know, briefcase. He looked in her eyes and the moment he looked in her eyes a spirit flushed up, and she came over - now get this, this is in the airport, public place. She just came over, went [hiss hiss hiss] and then she walked off, just like that [Laughter] like nothing had happened.

I was in a hospital one time, and Joy and I had been talking and sharing with someone about the Lord. We were walking just down a corridor, and an old man walking - nice suit, hat, everything - and he walks - and he got about as far as this guy in the orange shirt is from us. Then he started yelling. He started yelling and yelling and yelling and yelling. We're thinking whoa! What is this? He just walks by, and the moment he walked by he stopped yelling and carried on like nothing had happened. See, the spirit was manifesting - and so that's what happened here.

Notice what the demon says; leave us alone! Ha ha. What have we to do with you Jesus of Nazareth? Did you come to destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy one of God. So you notice some things. There's the demon recognises who Jesus is, recognises He's anointed, recognises He's the Son of God, knows exactly who He is, just as demons know exactly who you are, and they know exactly the faith level that you have. They see you. We'll see this in a moment - and so they cried leave us alone! The demon's prayer - leave us alone! They're tormented by the authority, the anointing that Jesus carries. It frightens them. He terrifies them, and you need to understand that, when you go as a representative of Jesus Christ, in the anointing of the Holy Ghost, they don't see you. They see Him and they're terrified of Him [Applause] They're terrified of Him.

He overcame them in His ministry on the earth. He overcame them at the cross in the most amazing way - so leave us alone! What are we to do with you? Have you come to destroy us? So demons know about their future. They're terrified of it, absolutely - and he said, I know who you are, the Holy one of God - so the demons are aware of people. I remember when I was just beginning out in deliverance ministry, and this guy was manifesting and I went round to his house to kind of get him free, and I brought one of the guys from church with me, thought that's a good move. So I took him around with me, and so we met the guy and he's a very big guy, a wrestler, a very - you know, he could've pulled us apart quite easy really. And he immediately - you know, I looked him the eye, the demon manifest - come straight up and he begins to start to challenge me, so I just stared straight in at him, and he began to threaten me and he showed unusual strength.

He picked up apple, said I'm going to crush you like this apple and he just took an apple - now you know how hard this is - got an apple in his left hand and just crushed it, and it become pulp, you know? And I said I come against you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then he picks up a chair and said I'm going to pull you apart like this, and he gets a chair and just goes [creak] pulls it apart. I just stayed confident - I come in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and so he backed up. Then he looked at the guy that was next to me, and he looked - now the guy next to me sort of whoa! What is this, you know? [laughs]

And he looked at him, and I saw him look and he looked again, then he just began to laugh and he read the guys mail about what was going wrong in his life. See, so I realised then spirits can see the condition of your life, and I'll show you it quite clearly from Jesus' teaching in a moment. So you may be able to - you know, you could run but you can't hide. [Laughter] We are open and vulnerable to the spirit world. We actually are visible to them, in a way that we're not visible to one another, and so therefore if there are legal grounds for demons to access your life, they know it and exploit it, a legal ground. So many people think well, you know, does God punish people and all this kind of stuff? Actually God has set laws in place, so He doesn't have to intervene on everything. There are natural laws that govern the natural world, like laws of gravity, well we rely on those laws to live our life, but there's also laws that govern the spirit world as well. One of the things is that the consequence of violating one of God's laws is always that there's a spiritual death, there's a separation, or disconnection in our life takes place, always. There's no escape. There is no escape. God has declared: here's the consequences - you've got the choice of what you do, but the consequences are always going to be there, so Adam and Eve were told freewill choice, but here's the consequences if you break the law of God. So there's always a consequence that we reap in our life, as a result of sin.