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Mike Connell

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So people who have been in sexual relationships often live incredibly tormented and don't live in freedom, and of course one of the most common places you become conscious of it is in a worship service. You've come to worship the Lord, and you start to find in your mind, unclean thoughts come - there's someone on the stage, someone here, someone there. You start to find thoughts come back and again, we'll touch on these a bit more tomorrow.

So trauma, trauma is another, when people have gone through an emotional trauma or a frightening experience, near death experience, traumatic experience of some kind, an assault or an abuse of some kind, then that can open the door for spirits as well. Inevitably it does, and there'll be some of you here who have been abused. We'll talk about that more tomorrow. I don't want to hurry you into the process, because there's some parts to it you need to understand, but when people have been traumatised, they often are soul-tied to the abuse and the abuser, and it's like they cannot get rid of the thing. Most people will try to then block it off, but they're not healed. Generally what the church has said, you need to move on. You need to just get over it, or you need to forgive. And the person been abused is thinking, forgive? I feel I'll kill you, you know? You don't understand what happened to me. So we'll touch on that a bit more tomorrow, because that's quite a major area.

So the area of rejection, where people are rejected in different ways creates huge issues in the heart, and spirits use it to manipulate and to push on people, so they live rejected, and in fear of rejection, unable to step out into things, because of immense fears around their life, so that's another area; where there's been abusive or controlling relationships, this always leads to deep bondage and deep mental torments, and we need to pull apart the structures that the demons used to get the person under control. So I'll share about some of those tomorrow. I'll share some of the bondages of the heart which are quite common, and you'll mentally tick them off just oh wow, wow, wow, wow - I've got to deal with that. See?

If a person has an abortion - an abortion in the Old Testament, they offered their children up to Molech. Abortion is a modern variation of offering your children to Molech, and it opens the door to spirits of death, and that's why if a woman has an abortion, not only should she suffer for the rest of her life, but very often there's a problem with the next conception, there's a problem with miscarriage, a problem with bleeding, problem with cancers - or the next child is - when the child's born - suffers with demonic spirits, because they were in a womb that now had been opened for the access of a spirit of death and murder. A child in the womb feels and is aware of spiritual sensation, even though the brain isn't developed. Just think about this; when Mary came to Elizabeth and she began to speak prophetically, John in the mother's womb, probably six months old, leapt in response to the prophetic function, so children in the womb are very, very sensitive to the moods of the mother, the spirit of the mother, the emotions of the mother, and any spiritual influences that are around.

So we have found that when a mother has rejected a child in the womb because it was untimely, out of wedlock or unwanted or whatever, the child often then struggles to bond with the mother, and has rejection issues all their life, and behaviour problems which can't be explained unless you say it's actually a demonic spirit that's come upon the child while they were still in the womb. Getting the idea?

See, this is why Jesus said, you know, preach the Gospel, heal the sick and deliver people [Applause] This is the problem. It's a problem. Okay, so why don't we just stand up and let's begin to just pray in tongues shall we? We want to finish about nine o'clock tonight, so why don't we just stand up and just turn around a little bit; there you go, shake up the demon. [laughs] Why don't we just begin to speak in tongues now, just begin to speak and speak out strong. Come on, we can do better than that. Come on, just rise in our spirit! [Speaks in tongues]. Now when you're praying in tongues, your spirit is praying. You are stirring your inner man. This is helpful for your deliverance. [Speaks in tongues] We honour you Lord. We bless you Lord. We praise you Lord! [Speaks in tongues]. Thank you Lord. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your power in this place. Thank you for your desire to deliver us. Thank you for your mighty presence here tonight! We thank you Lord, you are with us, you are for us, you will help us tonight! [Speaks in tongues]. Wonderful Jesus, wonderful Jesus.