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Mike Connell

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So spirits can move around. They seek a place they can go into, a building, go into objects, they can go into animals, but mostly they want to get inside a person, so they can express their nature through the person. You are designed by God to express His nature. Demons want to frustrate that and get into you, and express their nature by holding you down in bondage, so you continually have a problem you can't seem to get the victory over; fear, lust, hate, bitterness, unforgiving, a whole range of things like that.

Okay, notice it said, he said he goes to the place seeking rest. He can't find a place to go. Then he says - so demons can speak, and they can think. They have a memory, they have a personality. He says I will return to my house from whence I came, so the demon remembers where he was. He can actually remember, and he calls a person my house so [laughs] that's a freaky thought isn't it aye? We're called to be the temple of God, not a haunted house [Laughter] Ooh, scary! So he says I'll return to my house, and says when he comes, he says he finds it. Now that's an interesting thought. If we cast the demons out, and they go out, and he can't find another place to go, he thinks I know where I should go. I should come back to my house. I'll just come back - and notice, here's the interesting thing; you can run, you can't hide. They can find you. Jesus taught it. The demon finds the person again - and notice the other thing is, the demon can see clearly what the condition of the person is. How about that! He finds the house empty. Notice it's empty, not filled with the Holy Ghost, just empty, cleaned up, looking good, but empty.

So the remedy is not just that I get set free of a demon. I need to become filled with the spirit and flame of the Holy Ghost, that part of my life - so he finds him empty, and then he says, he takes seven of the wicked spirits - spirits more wicked than himself. They enter in and dwell there, and the last state is worse than the first. So notice now if a demon has been cast out, it can come back, it can see the condition of your life, and it can re-enter, and it can communicate. Spirits communicate with one another. They've got their own spirit internet. They can communicate. They talk with one another, and they'll work as a group to come in and to bring a person's life into bondage, so what's the answer then? The answer is that the person needs to get their life filled with the Holy Ghost, and a change in life. If I want kingdom life, I need kingdom order, I need to bring my life into a flow of the new. So it's not just a matter of getting the demon cast out. I've got to shift now in how I do my thinking, how I do my life, and letting the Holy Ghost work in my life in that area, so I've got to put on the new, not just cast off the old. There's no neutrality in the kingdom of God. You're either going forward with God, or you're going back, and you're going into darkness, so if we get delivered out of darkness, we must purpose we're now going forward in that part of our life with God. We're growing with God. [Applause] We're enlarging. Like Jurgen said, there's a new normal, see.

So this gives an insight then to deliverance, what deliverance is all about, and you get an idea then of what spirits are; demons are spirit beings. They don't die when the person dies. They can move from one generation to another. They sometimes live in family lines going from one generation to another. They can move about, they can talk with one another, they communicate with one another, they think, they have strategies, they have a memory. They know where they've been, and they can find that person and go back into them, if an opportunity is given. So in Ephesians 4:27 it says give no opportunity to the devil. Don't give a foothold to the devil. Don't create in your life by your choices, an opportunity for evil spirits to come in and put your life into bondage.

Now notice the context. This context, He's talking to believers. He's saying be angry, but sin not - don't let the sun go down on your anger, so do Christians get angry? Yeah, yeah, yeah, right they do. He shows how to deal with anger, and then straight after that, in the same flow of teaching, neither give place to the devil. Don't give the devil a place to come into your life. So a person can by their choices or their actions, make room for a demon to come into their life, and so the question then is well, what are those doorways the demons would come in? And if a demon comes in, what would I experience inside? And there are a whole range of things you could experience. For some of you, if you've been involved in the occult or there's been occult involvement in your family, you may find that you are troubled by fears, confusion. You may find that there are things move in your bedroom. You may find that there are things you see at night, premonitions you have, terrible dreams you have. You may wake up choking, coughing. You may wake up feeling like someone's trying to kill you. You may see things move in your room, may have objects move in your room. All of those indicate there's an occult realm is operating. There's a familiar spirit operating around your life. If you have any of those kind - some of you may have had an experience where it felt like you were pinned on the bed and something was touching you or molesting you. That is an evil spirit that comes from a realm where either you or your family were involved in the occult. Those things happen, and normally people won't talk about it, because they feel too embarrassed to talk about it, that if I say something no one will believe me. I believe you, because I've prayed for many people, and we've seen them set free from those kinds of spirits.