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Mike Connell

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Remember I shared with you last night in Ephesians 2, Verse 2; it says we walked according to the course of this world that spirit, the prince of power of the air, that spirit that works in or energizes the children of disobedience. So whenever we choose to control our world, or control our life, or try to run it our self, we open the door then for bondages to come into our life, and the Bible used the word energize or creates spiritual energy or bondage in our life. So if you have an issue that there seems like there's a block, probably there is a block. If there's a pressure that drives you to do something you don't really want to do, then there's something is active and operating inside your life.

Sin is not just a thing. Sin is actually a spiritual power that works in us, see. It energises things that we don't really want to do, and so it's a power that works in us. The Bible tells us that the spirit of life in Christ sets us free, or overcomes the law of sin and death, so there is a law of sin and death that works in us, but there's another law, the law of the spirit of life in Christ. So let's just give you some of these areas of bondage now, and what they'll be is, they'll be forms of spiritual energy or blockage that you will face in your life, and they will affect all kinds of things. They'll affect relationships. If you're married, they'll affect your degree of intimacy, they will affect your ability to connect with God, they'll affect your ability to flow with the Holy Spirit. They will continue to arise until you face them, and they're cleaned out, and your heart becomes free to the flow of the spirit. Make sense? So I could teach on each one of them, but what I'm going to do is just name each one, and just identify it clearly enough that you can understand what it is, okay?

So the first one is a soul tie. Soul ties; ungodly soul ties, ungodly soul ties. The Bible tells us that God designed sexual intimacy so that when we're involved sexually with someone, the two would become one. In other words, there would be a bonding or a joining between two people, so sexual intimacy is one way that a bonding, or a soul tie, or the two become like one, and so the Bible teaches that sexual intimacy creates a bonding between two people, where the two are linked together, and so in order to protect intimacy, God requires that we have a covenant with that person, where we will give ourselves and seek their welfare, seek not to harm them, but to do them good, be committed to them for life. Then within that framework of a commitment you can be intimate, without fear of the damage that will be caused by being intimate, and then having the relationship breached.

So when people are intimate sexually with one another, and there's no covenant of commitment and it breaks up, there is an ungodly soul tie has been formed, see? God said that two become one, so there's a joining, but now it's an ungodly soul tie, and the spirit world will recognize it, and use it as a platform into the person's life. There are a whole number of ways that ungodly soul ties can form. If you've been sexually involved with another person, then inevitably a soul tie, an attachment, is formed with that person, and so how it would affect you is this way; if you're a man, you'll have memories of that relationship keep coming back into your mind, even years later, even after you're happily married, times you're being intimate with your wife, the memories of previous partners will keep coming back. They will keep flashing back into your mind, because there's a demonic pathway direct into you to keep this gate open.