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Mike Connell

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If you're a woman, you'll have the same kind of thing happen, these unfortunate - these images, these pictures, these memories. The connection is still there. If a person has been sexually abused, unfortunately that soul tie also happens. This time it's not just a soul tie of sexual joining, but it's a soul tie also of trauma. It's a traumatic thing, so when people go through a traumatic experience, often their soul gets locked into - it's like the soul gets shattered, and tied into the event, and the person has to try and control the pain some way, so they usually block it, and they remain with a demonic gateway into the heart, around the trauma that they've had.

So no matter how you try and control it, it keeps producing fruit in your life. That's one of the reasons that sometimes great men of God fall, and it catches us by surprise, but if you check you'll find inevitably in their background they've had unresolved issues, and there was no one to show them how to be healed or whole, so they had to try then to operate under the law, and restrain it by the power of the will. You can't restrain spirit things by the power of the will. You have to overcome spirit things by spiritual power. Remember we saw that, that was what Jesus came to do, to set free those who were held down by the devil. So soul ties can form through sexual intimacy. They can form through traumatic experiences. They can form through controlling relationships, so that's why often a woman who's under a controlling man, she finds it so difficult to break free, because often there's a strong soul tie as well as the demonic operation that comes through that.

So soul ties can be good. They can be healthy; a husband and a wife, parents and children. They can turn ungodly where there's sexual intimacy outside marriage, or where it's an abusive relationship, or it goes over the boundaries and becomes a controlling relationship. So those are some areas. People can be soul tied to animals - an animal became a source of love and affection and intimacy in their life, they become soul tied to the animal. People can become soul tied to the dead. They've bonded to someone. They never processed the grief, so they've got a trauma in their life and they're locked in to that person, and they can't seem to move on in their life, so unresolved grief can be the soul tie too.

So these are areas of the heart which are very, very common. People have been through trauma, through sexual sin, through sexual abuse, or through some great loss in their life. They often remain - it's like in their emotions frozen in time, back there when it happened, and they've never moved on past that point. It's just locked up, and the person's tried to control the pain rather than actually recognizing I've got something to deal with here. I've got grief to resolve, and I have a soul tie; I need to be delivered from the spirits that rode in on the back of that particular soul tie. Getting the idea?

So now you can imagine if a person's been promiscuous, or had many sexual relationships, then they can be soul tied to many different partners, and the effect in the marriage is to be quite scattered in the soul, and unable to form a deep intimate relationship. The person's got too many connections elsewhere. Once those connections are broken, then the person becomes free in their mind and imagination, and there's no longer the power of these things operating. I haven't got time to develop just how you can deal with some of the things in your imagination, but one of the most simple ways, most people when they have negative memories, or negative pictures come back into their mind, most people handle it this way; oh, I shouldn't think that thought.