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Mike Connell

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Later on, they then can't - their whole childhood's been stolen, and they end up then feeling great regret, bitterness about life - life's cheated me and wronged me, but every relationship they're in, they feel like they've got to carry the weight and responsibility of someone else. So if you're a woman who's risen up and carried the responsibility, you'll marry a man who doesn't want to take responsibility. You'll find that person feels comfortable, they fit with you, but you're dysfunctional, and you've got another dysfunctional person attracted in, to keep your dysfunction in place, until you deal with the burden. Does that make sense?

Again, these are all things we can teach a lot on but I just give you the highlights so you've kind of got it. Another form of burden is where - you ever heard the thing called the “black sheep” of the family? To be the black sheep in the family means you get the blame for everything, and so one of the black sheep in the family was Jeptha. He got the blame for everything. He was just different, and so when a person is scapegoated like that then what happens is, they begin to feel they're to blame every time something goes wrong, and so demons accuse them all the time; anything goes wrong, it's my fault. So something happens, that's just a normal thing in life - it must be my fault - and that thing, it's my fault, that's a demonic accusation, that's come out of being scapegoated, or being put to blame, or taking on shame in your life.

Another one which is a very powerful one and this takes place in many families where they have a code of silence or secrecy; we don't talk in our family. We don't talk about stuff. Now this is very common when people have been sexually abused. If you say anything, you'll be responsible for destroying the family - and this is what's called a code of silence or secrecy, and many times when people have been sexually abused what's holding them in darkness is this threat that if you say anything, you'll wreck the family. You'll be responsible.

Now this is actually a demonic bondage that someone's brought - it's actually a form of witchcraft and control, and it becomes a huge burden, where the person has to carry a secret in their heart they should never have to carry.

So these areas we've come across are burdens that people carry in their heart, and we need to be free of them. We need to be free of those burdens. How do you get free of them? We have to acknowledge them first of all, have to acknowledge this is what I've done. This is how I've saved myself - got to be willing if there's pain and grief there, let God come into that part of my life. I need to release forgiveness, see? So I need to acknowledge it, repent of agreeing with those things, renounce the agreement, release forgiveness, let the Lord come in and bring healing around that part of my life.

Now you can see that there's cases where there's been sexual relationships, many times there are death wishes, inner vows, bondages of the heart. There's been sexual abuse, many times secrecy, bondage in the heart, inner vows, death wishes, all of these kinds of things, and the person wonders then, why they're not free to flow intimately with God, or intimately with others. We can get free of that. Acknowledge it, actually recognize it, repent of our agreement with those things, then renounce the thing that we've come into agreement with, forgive the people, and ask the Lord to set us free.

So we want to pray for people now, want to get into an area of ministry to people, and just say all of those areas, every one of them, there's quite substantial teaching around it to help you understand it, but you've probably got enough to know hey, that's me. How many know that God was talking to you during that session? Whoa! Oh wow! I thought it was just Jurgan but ... [Laughter] ... Why don't we just stand up again, to worship God again, and what I want to do is I want to pray for people where there's been sexual sin in your life, there's been sexual sin of various kinds - could have been adultery, could have been fornication, could have been incest, could have been involvement with animals, could have been involvement with pornography. All of these things open your life to defiling spirits. They bring you soul ties. If you've been involved with pornography, you'll be soul tied to websites, soul tied to images. You'll actually be captured by those images, and the spirit of aversion behind it. You need to repent of it. You need to let the Lord deliver you from that thing, and help you build a different life.