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Mike Connell

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You know it's amazing what it does to change a person's heart. I'm so sorry. It must have grieved you that your own child treated you that way. You see you don't know where they've come from. You don't know what they've experienced. You don't know what battles they've faced, but what a joy for your parents to have a child that honours them in spite of their mistakes and failures.

Thank you Lord, we thank you for your presence here right now. Want to just lift our hands to Him and just worship Him. There's a real gentle spirit here. This is a deeply personal thing. Thank you Lord. So you just begin to worship the Lord, begin to just repent in your heart. You know what ways you've dishonoured a father and mother, could be all kinds of ways, all kinds of ways. You've just done things, acted independently, spoken against them, reacted angrily to them, all kinds of ways. Say God, help me today. Help me today. Help me today. Help me today.

Perhaps some of you here, your father has abandoned you. Perhaps your father - marriage broke up and you're still living with the consequences of his irresponsibility. Just bring it to the Lord. Come on, bring it to Him, grieve over it and let it go. Let's just flow in a prayer together.
Father in heaven, I come to you. I thank you love me, you have a destiny for me and it included my parents. Lord, today in my heart I confess to you now I've dishonoured my father and mother. I've judged them, found fault with them and harboured anger and unforgiveness in my heart. Lord, I repent. I release forgiveness. I release forgiveness now. I renounce every judgement I have made against my father. I cancel that judgement now. I break the cycle of sowing and reaping. Lord, I renounce every judgement I made against my mother. I renounce it and cancel it now. I break the cycle of sowing and reaping. Lord, I bless my father. I bless my mother. Today I choose to honour them. I give them the gift of honour. It is my gift to them and as I honour them I am honouring you. My life will go well. I will live long and be blessed, in Jesus' name. Thank you Lord. Let's begin to worship Him now.