Freedom Conference (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

Now I look at it and I think oh well, you know, I guess he's busy or something. I'll catch up with him later. See, I have no judgement about what his walking past me and not responding meant, no judgement, see? The other person, they've already got a judgement in their heart that they're not loved, so immediately they look at it and say he doesn't like me. I knew he didn't like me, look at that. He walked right past. I've just said hello to him. He doesn't - and actually I think he hates me.

Now this is the weirdness that goes on in people's lives and so then they live in torment with this judgement going on in their heart and actually they have made this judgement themselves. They've got no idea what his actions meant whatsoever. They've just placed a judgement on it and then reaped the consequence of it, of torment inside their own life. And so when we form bitter judgements in our heart we begin to - it's like a negative faith. It begins to attract in repeated cycles of the same kind of thing happening in our life and we have found counselling people that when they have a bitter judgement against their father, if it's a girl has a bitter judgement against her father she will magnetically attract a man in who'll repeat the same behaviour until she resolves the issue. If he isn't like that he will become like that because her bitterness will defile the relationship eventually. It just is - see, this is why - see you can't - there are principles of the spirit and demons know them and they just lever them or use them to get in and make life tough and hard and put burdens on us.

For me one of the things that was the changing point, because I'd just long for my father to express love and one day the Lord said to me, He said what you're wanting him to do is like asking a crippled man to run. I said what? He said if a man had a broken leg you would not expect him to be able to run. You wouldn't blame him that he couldn't run. You'd understand he just couldn't run because he had a broken leg. Why can't you understand your father is damaged in his emotions and he can't do for you what you want? It doesn't mean he doesn't love you. It doesn't mean you're not valuable. You've placed meanings on this and judged him. You need to repent of those judgements or it'll turn up in your own children and you'll face it again with your own family. He said you have to deal with this stuff - and so I had to come to the area of actually being willing to number one, forgive and release where there are disappointments and number two, to renounce any judgements I'd made of what this meant.
What does this mean? What you make it mean is your judgement of it and Jesus said I don't judge by what I see, I judge by what I hear. So we tend to jump to conclusions and jump to judgements and then live in the torment and reap the penalty of those judgements until we learn not to make them. You just don't know why people do stuff. You just don't know why they do stuff and so you may have come from a family where there's all kinds of turmoil and the father abandoned the mother and abandoned the family and of course you're deeply hurt and of course it's unjust, but you don't know why it happened. Once you start going into the judgement area, now you've set yourself up to reap the cycle of that.

We can't afford to judge. God wants us to be in a place where we honour and bless our parents, because He says if you honour them it will go well for you. You say well they don't deserve it. My mum didn't deserve it. She's an alcoholic, she drank, did this thing. She really caused a lot of pain and problems. I know she doesn't deserve it because of her behaviour or deserve it because of her performance or her character, but she is your mother. You came from her. Part of her is in every cell of your body. If you are dishonouring her you are actually dishonouring your source where you come from, you're dishonouring yourself. You will live with rejection in your life. You dishonour your father, you're dishonouring where you've come from. But you don't understand! He was this, he was this, he was this. Yeah, well you don't know what he has been through, how broken he is, what mess he's had. We're not excusing it. We're not saying it was right. We're actually saying it's destructive and what he did was wrong, but nevertheless God says place value on him because you have come from there. When you honour your father and your mother you're honouring God who they're called to represent.