Freedom Conference (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

God will sort out that they didn't represent him well. That's His job, not yours. Your job is to do what He says and become a person who gives people the gift of honour, so we don't honour our parents because we're trying to manipulate to get something out. You honour your parents because that's part of walking with God. That's part of walking in kingdom blessing. You remove dishonour and you start to honour; honour becomes the kind of person you are. You honour people whether they act honourably or have got honourable character, you still treat them as people of value.
Honour has a way of unlocking relationships. Dishonour has a way of distancing them and making them worse. Let me give you two examples. I was visiting Europe somewhere - where's Mark and Michelle? Where were they? Copenhagen, that's right and we'd been to a wedding and I came out of the wedding, we're going to catch the train back and I'm standing on the train station, I'm looking across. Now there's electric lines, electric trains and stuff and we just stand, I'm looking across at the other side of the station, across about four railway lines or five railway lines, something like that. I looked over and I looked at this guy and I caught his eye and the moment I caught his eye I saw him manifest and I thought oh no! We've got someone's going off here and so I quickly turned away, thought I don't need this right now ... [Laughter] ... and so I turned away and I'm looking out of the corner of my eye and I see him staring at me. I just try not to engage his eyes and then I saw him go to the edge and I thought oh, we've got something going to happen. Sure enough he hops down off the railway lines, he comes across - now these are electrified lines. This is dangerous stuff. He is manifesting - so he come across and he climbs up onto the platform. I think I'm going to have a scene in the platform in a moment and he comes up to me and of course he's got broken English, he's European of some kind of nationality. He starts yelling he's going to kill a policeman. Now he's really yelling and ranting and raving. His eyes are wide - full manifestation mode and I'm thinking oh man, what do I do here? I've got family around and you know, you're still trying to work out whether there's an escape route somewhere to run to. I'm thinking about this and he's yelling. It's hard to understand so I tried to just calm him down because I didn't know whether he carried a weapon, didn't know how violent - this could have been really dangerous for us.

Then he turns from me - I just talked calmly and quietly to him - and then he turned and he started yelling at my son-in-law and he's yelling he's going to kill a policeman. I could see Mark was quite frightened and so he turned away from my son-in-law and I said Jesus, you've got to help me. What am I going to do? I don't want to start ministering to him because he'll manifest. It'll look like I'm in a violent conflict with him, we'll both get arrested. This is not going to be good - and I've had that before, not being arrested but having laid hands on someone in public places and they go crazy, berserk and stuff happens and no one really knows what's going on, you know? And - we won't go there ... [Laughter] ... so I just learned to be a bit more discreet now, you know? The old days - there's an demon! Let's get the demon, you know, but ... [Laughter] ... it doesn't ... [Applause] ... I'm just a bit more wise now, you know? You can create some scenes.

I've been in a restaurant [laughs] the whole table got overturned and this guy's nutting off and yelling and screaming and you know, so I didn't want any of that. Then the Lord just dropped into me what to do and I went up to him and said sir, I have a gift for you. I reached in my pocket and I'd been to the wedding and I'm a bit of a chocolate fan you see and I have a couple of chocolates I'd nicked on the way out of the wedding ... [Laughter] ... not beyond doing that still, you know - so there I was, had the chocolate in my pocket and I said I have this to give you. All I had was two chocolates. I just gave him - I opened his hand, put them in his hand, gave him the two chocolates. You know what? Whatever spirit was on him just left immediately and he reached out and he put his arm around me and he hugged me, kissed me on both cheeks and then he just quietly went back over the other side. Honour had changed the whole atmosphere around this person. Honour has results. Honour gets results, see? Honour gets results.