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Activating the Gifts of the Spirit (manual+5 sermons) activatingth... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 14-Jan-12
Deliverance and Healing (manual+5 sermons) deliverancea... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 8-Jul-12
Exercising Spiritual Authority (manual+6 sermons) spiritualaut... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 14-Jan-12
Leaving a Legacy (4 sermons) leavingalegacy PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 9-Mar-14
Healing from Abortion, Miscarriage & Adoption (7 sermons) 从流产/流产/收养愈合 abortionandm... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 13-Oct-13
Basic Deliverance Training (8 sermons) 基本驱邪术训练 basicdeliver... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 10-Sep-13
Freedom Evangelistic Messages (12 sermons) 自由福音讯息 freedommessages PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Oct-13
Rest of Faith (4 sermons) restoffaith PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 16-Jun-13
Comfort in Times of Trouble (3 sermons) comfortintim... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 21-Apr-13
Forces that Work in You (5 sermons) forces LrhZUkV... Mike Connell 8-Jul-12
The Spirit of Mammon (4 sermons) spiritofmammon PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 28-Dec-12
Who is Jesus (4 sermons) whoisjesus PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Feb-13
Deliverance Training Special Topics (3 sermons) 驱邪术培训(具体事宜) deliverances... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Oct-13
Freedom Retreat (5 sermons) 自由退 freedomretreat Mike Connell 3-Jan-12
City Harvest Bible School 2011 (6 sermons) 城市丰收神学院 2011年 bibleschool2011 Mike Connell 11-Jun-11
Working with the Anointing (5 sermons) 恩膏 anointing PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 18-Jun-14
City Harvest Chapel 2011 (14 sermons) 城市丰收教会 2011年 chapel2011 Mike Connell 13-Jun-11
Anwar Fazel (4 sermons) anwar Anwar Fazel 5-Aug-12
Deliverance and Healing Heart May 2013 (3 sermons) 驱邪术和愈合的心(2013年) healingheart PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 21-May-13
City Harvest Bible School 2012 (18 sermons) 城市丰收神学院 2012年 bibleschool2012 Mike Connell 13-Mar-13
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The Cross, 8 Divine Exchanges Z3C6tVThgYc Joy Connell 18-Aug-19
Who Are You fvL1YlPEejw Jenny Gai... 10-Aug-19
Ps Ayo Oyawale Q9IjA9uWcnc Ayo Oyawale 28-Jul-19
Our Voice ie22b8hZFqo Dave Connell 21-Jul-19
Apostle Tamrat Tarekegn owx4ypoFCQ4 Tamrat Ta... 14-Jul-19
Sound The Trumpet! 6MJtRYjkZoQ Dave Connell 7-Jul-19
The Trumpet Sound nTgR_fUOhp0 Dave Connell 30-Jun-19
Repair the Altar of the Lord HG8ZjvAL6ms Mike Connell 23-Jun-19
The Consecration Process 8EZQuoWSbNI Dave Connell 21-Jun-19
A Hope for the Lonely qGeMCi6cIqc Dave Connell 16-Jun-19
Ps. John Bridge B82luurytqw John Bridge 9-Jun-19
Ps. John Bridge (Saturday) pMoVJ9_dlM0 John Bridge 8-Jun-19
Ps Luka Robertson - Hope Center, Otara, NZ _PIFjdryQeA Luka and ... 2-Jun-19
The Holy Spirit 4_geTbGKQWI Patty Val... 26-May-19
God hasn't finished with you yet amWcF5xSKcw Patty Val... 26-May-19
Intimate, strong, deep-rooted relationship with... gQi1D1shjtE Patty Val... 25-May-19
No eye has seen x0WRywLI74s Dave Connell 19-May-19
Bowls and Birthrights J2ebg8YA5pQ Shane Wil... 12-May-19
Why are you staring at the sky? BFjWK5u0rog Shane Wil... 12-May-19
The mustard seed Ib4CKV0Xdr4 Shane Wil... 11-May-19
How to have difficult conversations D09o8EDziNo Shane Wil... 11-May-19
Inner Healing and Deliverance MeqrG9vYCHc Mike Connell 5-May-19
How to be free from the spirit of Jezebel btvB-vlilHc Mike Connell 28-Apr-19
Evangelist Terry Walker njr4OyysjPI Terry Walker 28-Apr-19
A Heart and Mind to Build 5WGeDv1MkUU Dave Connell 21-Apr-19
This is Love - Easter Presentation 417HW6Ty2zA Dave Connell 21-Apr-19
Think like Jesus zH2aBQmo4iA Brent Cam... 14-Apr-19
Leadership Seminar (2 of 2) 6Oy0W2gcFOo Brent Cam... 13-Apr-19
Leadership Seminar (1 of 2) 7T2ArXmzCIM Brent Cam... 13-Apr-19
Dr Sam Dunnet z8u9Sba22A8 Sam Dunnet 7-Apr-19
How to Develop Your Spirit Man C__Hauw6tWs Mike Connell 31-Mar-19
Eve of Greatness 1cHw5sEtZF4 Dave Connell 24-Mar-19
The Way Out of Despair VQXLuhCL_-0 Dave Connell 17-Mar-19
Hope Is Alive 7IXiQoV74Ic Sandra Ke... 10-Mar-19
Crossing Over YJcKNIgkpUU Sandra Ke... 10-Mar-19
Overcoming a Spirit of Unbelief ZpV5A-IXzgk Mike Connell 3-Mar-19
The Majesty of God 5N8mCthvsCk Mike Connell 24-Feb-19
The Impact of Giving HveV7MC4Jb0 Dave Connell 10-Feb-19
Reach Out 5GCvkKw5SLk Dave Connell 2-Feb-19
Pathway to Power (1 of 2) gsKa0042SYc Mike Connell 8-Jan-19
Extravagant Love vqr30sGam2I Mike Connell 6-Jan-19
Healing The Father Wound WRZbVe3hDyg Peter Ker... 9-Dec-18
Generational Blessing 8KcxflScOKE Mike Connell 2-Dec-18
A Spirit Of Hospitality ckiQ6c1Cnuc Dave Connell 2-Dec-18
Run, I Hear The Rain 581GC5pW02I Kate Connell 25-Nov-18
It's Time To Make A Change GcG9YS9mm8o Dave Connell 18-Nov-18
Holy Spirit Visitation (1 of 2) dZJ0ZX2CYno Tamrat Ta... 11-Nov-18
Freedom From Fear zX1kMmOwmUU Mike Connell 11-Nov-18
Holy Spirit Visitation (2 of 2) DUuy1MqP0iM Tamrat Ta... 9-Nov-18
Pastor Ian Wright nHu1MSBG3G4 Ian Wright 28-Oct-18