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Activating the Gifts of the Spirit (manual+5 sermons) activatingth... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 14-Jan-12
Deliverance and Healing (manual+5 sermons) deliverancea... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 8-Jul-12
Exercising Spiritual Authority (manual+6 sermons) spiritualaut... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 14-Jan-12
Leaving a Legacy (4 sermons) leavingalegacy PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 9-Mar-14
Healing from Abortion, Miscarriage & Adoption (7 sermons) 从流产/流产/收养愈合 abortionandm... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 13-Oct-13
Basic Deliverance Training (8 sermons) 基本驱邪术训练 basicdeliver... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 10-Sep-13
Freedom Evangelistic Messages (12 sermons) 自由福音讯息 freedommessages PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Oct-13
Rest of Faith (4 sermons) restoffaith PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 16-Jun-13
Comfort in Times of Trouble (3 sermons) comfortintim... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 21-Apr-13
Forces that Work in You (5 sermons) forces LrhZUkV... Mike Connell 8-Jul-12
The Spirit of Mammon (4 sermons) spiritofmammon PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 28-Dec-12
Who is Jesus (4 sermons) whoisjesus PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Feb-13
Deliverance Training Special Topics (3 sermons) 驱邪术培训(具体事宜) deliverances... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Oct-13
Freedom Retreat (5 sermons) 自由退 freedomretreat Mike Connell 3-Jan-12
City Harvest Bible School 2011 (6 sermons) 城市丰收神学院 2011年 bibleschool2011 Mike Connell 11-Jun-11
Working with the Anointing (5 sermons) 恩膏 anointing PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 18-Jun-14
City Harvest Chapel 2011 (14 sermons) 城市丰收教会 2011年 chapel2011 Mike Connell 13-Jun-11
Anwar Fazel (4 sermons) anwar Anwar Fazel 5-Aug-12
Deliverance and Healing Heart May 2013 (3 sermons) 驱邪术和愈合的心(2013年) healingheart PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 21-May-13
City Harvest Bible School 2012 (18 sermons) 城市丰收神学院 2012年 bibleschool2012 Mike Connell 13-Mar-13
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Arise In Faith 91odF-Rqtgg Dave Connell 12-Nov-17
The Power Of Praise 5fynwT-cAmM Kate Connell 5-Nov-17
Eternal Perspective j6pLhdzlOGo Dave Connell 29-Oct-17
Salvation And Growth DsLo5BEl7QU Horowai E... 22-Oct-17
The Mentality Of Captivity IipwDQqztAE Dave Connell 22-Oct-17
Stepping Out In Faith 5AvuJLqvtTU Dave Connell 8-Oct-17
Kingdom Values (2 of 2) TEKp0udNq9E Joy Connell 8-Oct-17
Doctrines Of Captivity 77_8MzY8mB8 Dave Connell 1-Oct-17
Freedom From Captivity Ye8WmONVWTc Dave Connell 24-Sep-17
Fathers Of Faith RnL9TJ3VxRU Dave Connell 10-Sep-17
Kingdom Values (1 of 2) WDEUTJnoVW8 Joy Connell 10-Sep-17
Apostle Mike Connell d2Jkp0dS2r0 Mike Connell 27-Aug-17
Spiritual Impartation 7v763MdkgBQ Mike Connell 20-Aug-17
Pastor Saras Banny CVdXykie150 Saras Bany 13-Aug-17
Pastor Dave Connell 7O5XoLviQ3s Dave Connell 6-Aug-17
Pastor Dave Connell VSFIGiZObtU Dave Connell 6-Aug-17
Pastor Dave Connell nwjWtRPPRqU Dave Connell 30-Jul-17
Pastor Dave Connell pmIgs1R1hRk Dave Connell 23-Jul-17
Pastor Dave Connell LksFwrKtsZ4 Dave Connell 16-Jul-17
John Wandera ALov06CMO0U John Wandera 2-Jul-17
Pastor Mike Connell G2jB9QwNwaY Mike Connell 25-Jun-17
Pastor Mike Connell hjbzb413ljo Mike Connell 18-Jun-17
Pastor Dave Connell 53ospwEbxT8 Dave Connell 11-Jun-17
Pastor Dave Connell oPicLTivEk4 Dave Connell 4-Jun-17
Pastor Dave Connell UAwWEX8zL7s Dave Connell 4-Jun-17
Pastor Dave Connell KA-8RO2nqh0 Dave Connell 28-May-17
Acceptance _ipXxfRR1rA Mike Connell 21-May-17
Mother's Day EY2wQ6O-71w Mike Connell 14-May-17
Shane Willard J1wbwMfqb6w Shane Wil... 7-May-17
Pastor Shane Willard sYsy0Mdqc_4 Shane Wil... 7-May-17
Mike Connell rbwNvnVs3to Mike Connell 30-Apr-17
Pastor Aiden Whitaker 0Ukc0R0c_f8 Aiden Whi... 23-Apr-17
Apostle Mike Connell aIAlPC0r1-o Mike Connell 9-Apr-17
Jacob Biswell VeoO2kGm2ls Jacob Bis... 2-Apr-17
Jacob Biswell 9tRAeHeYis8 Jacob Bis... 2-Apr-17
Pastor Dave Connell uscFT_QHYzo Dave Connell 26-Mar-17
Pastor Horowai Edmonds fvWroF5X4bg Horowai E... 19-Mar-17
Pastor David Connell ORw9S9wZ-XI Dave Connell 12-Mar-17
Pastor David Connell opC94rT5vnk Dave Connell 5-Mar-17
Seek First The Kingdom Of God hS-MdJ8HHGw Mike Connell 19-Feb-17
Anointing and Authority (1 of 3) 恩膏与权威 (1 of 3) 106466450 W6jSmi66N5U Mike Connell 18-Jun-14
Building a House for His Presence 91209233 Jsg69g4T-Mo Norm McLeod 23-Mar-14
Conquering Change 87423232 0MF4NbAVgCE Doug Li 23-Feb-14
Our Perspective vs Gods Perspective 87377166 8LIT1BpcsWc Dustin Smith 16-Feb-14
The Works of God 87423231 MTQtyKoTT0A Dave Connell 9-Feb-14
Managing the Journey of Change 85651156 fpvKKR5XOtg Mike Connell 2-Feb-14
Legacy (1 of 4) 85157980 fVUw1B5bbf0 Mike Connell 26-Jan-14
Position out thinking to engage todays culture 84537068 g5H4DgDKqTE Dave Connell 19-Jan-14
Deliverance, Healing & Personal Responsibility 85349765 AR56geow3V4 Mike Connell 14-Jan-14
There is no lack in Christ 84344220 oBPNMDLSnog Mike Connell 12-Jan-14