(14 of 18) Foundations for Freedom

自由的基础(14 of 18) Foundations for Freedom

Thu 7 Jun 2012 (Chinese/English) City Harvest, Jurong West Church, Singapore

What is going on in our heart, is what is going on in our lives. If our heart is bound, and our life is controlled, then we struggle against sin, our own strength. Sin is an energy force inside us. When we co-operate with the Holy Spirit, there is a flow of life that empowers us. As we speak the Word of God and believe, it can change us. The Holy Spirit brings a flow of joy that feels like an energy, but it's a person. As we continue to yield, the flow of the Holy Spirit increases in our lives, and sets us free.
Keywords: Heart, Energy, Holy Spirit, Word of God, Yield, Freedom, Flow, Empowers, cooperate, speak, joy, flow