(18 of 18) Maintaining Your Freedom

保持你的自由(18 of 18) Maintaining Your Freedom

Fri 8 Jun 2012 (Chinese/English) City Harvest, Jurong West Church, Singapore

After being set free, we must continue to grow in God, to maintain our freedom. As we resist the devil, and submit to God, we become conscious of the Holy Spirit working in us, to build us up in Him. As we pray we build our spirit man, as we present our mind, body and spirit to Him, we start to walk in his ways. By the renewing of our minds, He changes our lives, and we become more like Jesus every day! We must practice honour and gratitude to our parents, family and friends, and to fellowship with other Christians, to help maintain our freedom.
Keywords: Freedom, Build Your Spirit, Present Your Body, Renew Your Mind, Truth, Honour, Gratitude, Meditation, Prayer