(17 of 18) Questions and Answers - Deliverance Ministry

问题和答案 - 驱邪部(17 of 18) Questions and Answers - Deliverance Ministry

Fri 8 Jun 2012 (Chinese/English) City Harvest, Jurong West Church, Singapore

Bible Students posed several questions, based on their personal experiences, covering the areas of: familiar spirits; self-deliverance; idols; physical & psychological manifestations. We learn that many of these bondages are iniquities (nature/nurture - not our fault, but still our responsibility). We also learn how to bring deliverance into the lives of others, ourselves, and even removing demons from objects, houses and rooms. Always acknowledge God for our blessings, and rejoice with others for what they have, and allow the Holy Spirit to grow us in God.
Keywords: Familiar Spirits, Sin Root, Repentance, Love, Idolatry, Meditation, Divination, Prophetic, Gratitude, iniquity, nature, nurture