(15 of 18) Foundation for Freedom - Bondages

自由基金会 - 牢笼(15 of 18) Foundation for Freedom - Bondages

Thu 7 Jun 2012 (Chinese/English) City Harvest, Jurong West Church, Singapore

This series continues to describe and explain areas of blockages in our lives that prevent us from functioning as God intended. Often these blockages come into our lives as a reaction to painful and deeply hurtful situations, which we then try to control and cover up. As we recognise and acknowledge these areas, and allow the Holy Spirit to bring us to a place to forgive and trust, then we can come into total freedom, by the power of what Jesus worked on the Cross for us.
Keywords: Soul ties, Death wish, Inner vow, bitterroot judgement, Word curses, Burdens, Unrealistic expectations, Acknowledge, Forgive, Renounce, Freedom